Sunday, December 17, 2006

I'm not a good framer

I just realized that while staring at a print I framed for my parents. I broke the cardinal rule: you don't let the artwork touch the glass. Whoops. I'm in the painful part of the sickness now, w/a killer throat and coughing and hacking up crap. Can't wait to go to work like that tomorrow. Good news is that I'll see Gili for lunch. Maybe I can make her bring me some chewable vitamins that make my pee turn neon yellow and then I'll feel healthier. Though I feel like I'm ODing on supplements right now. I'm not fond of trying to sleep when I can't really breathe.

I didn't do much today besides watching "My Architect" (I love when Louis Kahn talks about how you have to honor and glorify the brick and ask it what it wants instead of just forcing it to do what you want) and taking notes. There was some really stunning architecture. I love all the open circles and natural light. It made me feel like maybe I really should look into opera. Maybe I should stage an opera in Vermont. I read a bunch more of The Omnivore's Dilemma, and still strongly recommend it.

Also, I'd like to thank the captain of the Dream Team for reminding me to stop making work that is all about taking care of people and giving, giving, giving. I need to be kept on task w/this old habit, b/c it's self-destructive and truly exhausting in a way that I don't recover well from. Clearly, I lose my memory each time since I repeat myself and then wonder why I get so depressed and to-the-bone tired after each performance. Maybe I'll do an opera about me being rolled around the park in a stroller.

Two other things: 1. I've realized that I have had incredibly amazing and professional experiences with the artistic professionals in my life who are first-generation immigrants from Europe. It's a pattern I only just noticed b/c I'm working w/three of them at the same time. 2. I think from now on I should identify myself as pre-pre-diabetic when people try to push sweets onto me. Like how our captain says things like, "I'm barren" when people ask about if she's going to have babies soon.


  1. I love that we are now calling polarchip "our captain." this is brilliant.
    Vitamins are coming with me. Do you need emergen-c too? I have raspberry and cranberry. and maybe some throat coats? what say you?

  2. Oh, little Aimee. I hope you feel better. I'm thinking of you.

    Ellen is totally our captain. Totally.

  3. OMG, that totally make me feel weird.

  4. i live to make you feel weird. and also, aimee, sorry for the cookies, but i can't help myself.

  5. ok, it isn't to make you feel scary weird, either, like dead poets society, okay??? i told my boss today that i'm part of your dream team b/c he was admiring the ribbon on my blogging shirt. thanks again for that; i adore it.

    gili - i was okay w/the cookies b/c it made everyone else so happy and b/c i was too sick to want them. i think i had one or one and a half.


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