Monday, December 11, 2006

I wish I could have her life

Kaia gets fed five times a day, sleeps after each feeding, and her dad takes her outside every day. When will someone feed me, wrap me in a polar bear suit, and roll me around the woods? I guess I'll have to wait until I'm 80. I just got back from driving to JFK, picking up Jami (right there at the curb, in red w/red bags!), getting totally lost (poor Jami - she had been traveling for half a day and had to try and direct me but it was hopeless and we ended up asking at a gas station, where they looked at us like we were strange aliens), getting to Brooklyn the long way (but clear of traffic way), riding two subway trains to Grand Central, hopping on the wrong train but luckily hopping off again and making the right one in time, and getting back home.

It was funny driving Jami in NY after she drove me all over NE. She stopped and started a story about 10x as we struggled w/guesses as to which roads or exits to take. Night driving is SO not my game. It's like zero visibility to me. I couldn't tell if I had the parking lights on or the brights or just the regular lights. Today was a HUGE catch up day, and I'm still not caught up: up at 8am, meditation, yoga, email/snail mail (got into another show for Jan), procrastinating on the computer as the Verizon fiberoptics guys came to make lots of noise in our coat closet, and then hauling ass on this website. I was going to stay the night in the city, but am so behind that I had to come back home and figure out the rest of my week. I think I'll work for the next two days and then do my photo shoot on Thursday. I forgot that Cristal is in town to perform at Galapagos on Thursday night, so I'm losing nights quickly (tomorrow is Amy/Alex).

So awful of me to say "losing" nights...I just am shocked at how much work all this career building takes. I love it, I hate it, I really have no choice in the end. I saw the prelims of the site, and I'm excited. It's so professional! Now I just need to find an editor for my performance footage, and I'll be just about done. Hopefully it will all get finished before all the deadlines hit again. Back to doing photo exports, captions, and organization so I can deliver Rafff a CD of all of my site content tomorrow. Then I can think about the next thing: an inventory of what I need slides of for Stefan. I'd say that I wish I had a "job" so that I'd work less, but it's not true.


Anonymous said...

you look pretty with the baby. i love your opening line about being 80 and then you'll be taken care of like that. i love it!!!! made me laugh very loudly. we watch squid and whale a few nights ago too! i think i liked it. something about it was very woody allen but too focused on just one fucked up family. anways. we bought a hybrid. i can't believe it and i want to tell you about it. it will maybe make me stop crying everytime i think about the state of the world. I"M TRYING TO HELP!!! i sent you some photos i hope you got it. love you.

polarchip said...

It's kind of reassuring to finally see intelligent people having beloved babies. It gives me hope for a future generation. You can tell that Kaia is going to grow up to be a thoughtful and loving member of society, because her foundation is being built so solidly now.

I second you about night time driving! I think it means we have anxiety about the unkowns of the future. Just put your high beams on when you can!