Saturday, December 23, 2006

I could squash the Grinch with my pinky toe

After talking to Cindy this morning about Frances McDormand's character in "Friends w/Money" and how awful she was, I realized that I am exactly like that. I rode to Prince on the N, got out, and was immediately accosted by a loud saxophone playing awful xmas "music" in the street. Every store, too. I despise the holidays. Do kids even care about them anymore the way they're supposed to, in that innocent and sweet way? I doubt it, b/c it's probably all about getting gifts. Gross. No one cares about anyone all year, and then at the end, we all run around finding people presents under strange rules (somehow rating how they rank in your life and how they've treated you in the past year). It's AWFUL. Has no one noticed this? How come people are still shopping?? I don't mean last-minute, I just mean, why at all?

Okay, that's enough crankiness for a moment. I did have a lovely lunch w/Stephanie at Spring Street Natural. I had a green, refreshing cucumber limeade. Mmmm. I wanted to drink wine, but figured it would backfire since I just started bleeding and have had two very poor nights of sleep on a futon that peaks in the middle. I'm totally useless w/o proper sleep. I think I'm losing my mind b/c I've been too booked to make work, and as scared as I am about Vermont fast approaching, it's coming just in time to save me. I also have this great fear that I have to go to a proper endodontist to open my mouth up again b/c this first root canal isn't working; it still hurts. Eek.

One of the books in this picture is called "dance dance revolution," which is exactly what Ivan got Cindy for xmas.


  1. I wish everyone i knew was like you. acutally THINKING. Thank you for thinking. xo, ellie

  2. aww, thanks. i was thinking this, too: what i am trying to do w/my art and my life is to save the world. or change it. b/c that's the generation that i was part of, recruited on oberlin's 'one person can change the world' thing.

    makes me think of someone who wrote a great recommendation letter for me, saying, "though aimee is very disparaging of people, she also genuinely cares about human beings." that was a terrible paraphrase but i'm not sure where i put the letter so i can't quote it exactly. it's a strange paradox. how i hate people and how i love them.

  3. is seeing me such a regular part of your day that it doesn't get to be announced any more? i think we've seen each other 3-5 times a week every week since ellen was here.

    i don't think it's a strange paradox at all.

  4. sorry, gi! to all: after lunch w/steph, i went to find gili (i had already found her right before i met steph and was disgusted w/all the holiday "music" so i ran to the store and she gave me a cd that i was embarrassed to own so i had gotten rid of it but then i wanted it again. no, it wasn't britney spears). her coworkers said she was at lunch so i waited outside and it turned out she wasn't at lunch so we sat outside together and saw some VERY strange people and ate an apple and took in a nice day thanks to global warming.

    so that was a nice part of my day that i had forgotten to share b/c i was so grumpy when i wrote this post.


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