Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Catching up to myself

This was the perfect album for today. Grey and rainy. Gavin and I worked straight through the day, no breaks. I felt like it was 4pm when it was only 1:45pm, but that's probably b/c I am getting sick (goddamn antibiotics) and haven't really had a good night's sleep for at least a week. I'm so lost w/o proper sleep. I mean, just a total wreck. But Gavin is a workaholic, so I try to keep up. I'm getting close to finishing that clamshell box for a client, but it will have to wait until next week. And I still need to figure out how to ask him if it's okay to bring my camera to document, mostly for the blog. It's astounding to me how many people walk in from off the street; I think this business is going to do really well once it opens next year.

I took lots of effervescent vitamin stuff today and drank tons of water while doing the clamshell and then leather onlays for a client. The boxes are gorgeous, and I was working on The Winter of Our Discontent box: dark blue leather w/white tree shapes laid onto it. Crazy work. I wanted to finish it, but I got so fried that I left it all at 3:30pm b/c otherwise I would have made some really bad mistakes. It's nice that Gavin trusts me to work on all this stuff. I always think that my work sucks, but then I show him and he's like, fantastic! I guess a human being can only be so precise. I also have unreasonably high standards for precision.

As much as I wish I could work in the bindery all the time, it's good that I only do two days a week. B/c I might die otherwise from overwork, since then I have that much less time to do my own work. Tomorrow I see Stefan to shoot slides for all the work I did in Nebraska (at least the stuff I still have. I think I gave away about 90% of the work I did there. Ah, mail art). Rafff is hard at work on my website. I just need to get my video in place and I'll be golden. I think it's time for me to zone out to "Me and You and Everyone We Know".


  1. I write to that album all the time. It really puts me in a zone. Love love love it. Especially "Idioteque."

    Let me know if you need any stuff you sent me back for your photos... Get sleep. (Why do I feel like one of us is always saying this to someone??)

  2. I'm the idiot-eque. The album I was thinking of is Kid A.


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