Thursday, December 28, 2006

A bird shat on my face today

NO JOKE. Right on this street. I took the picture a few minutes after I cleaned myself up. Thank god I put a couple of tissues in my bag in case of residual cold congestion. I woke up after not even close to enough sleep, and dragged myself up the street to catch the bus for my dental appt, only to feel something splat right on top of the side of my glasses, and onto my face. If this was normal December with falling snow and icicles, I wouldn't have minded. But I knew exactly what it was. Somehow, though, my hat and coat miraculously survived the shit. I immediately left Gili an indignant message, and called my sister while walking to the dentist, who said, "that's really good luck!!"

The dentist was way busy and backed up, so he just shaved some of my filling off, snapped a hasty x-ray, and pushed me out of the chair, claiming that I'd be fine and something about some nerve being disturbed but that we just have to wait. I don't believe that everything is fine. Then I had to walk to the hospital and call mom b/c I had forgotten the house key. It took about an hour to get home, which was a drag, but I was glad to FINALLY get a little time to myself. I got a few movies from the library, bumped into Clark Jackowe and chatted, and came home for some long-overdue yoga. It felt really good. I even did jumping jacks in the morning before leaving. I can feel all the body shifting w/age stuff, though. In the same way I feel my identity more as an artist as I grow into it.

After a nap, I watched "Anita and Me." I told mom about the bird poop and she said, "that's good luck!!" We watched "Crash" (I loved it. I'm so glad I finally got to see it) and then when dad came home and I told him about the bird poop, he said, "that's good luck!!" They were disappointed that I didn't buy lottery tickets today, but mom says that it's 24-hour luck so if I buy them tomorrow morning, it still counts. Hopefully it lasts long enough to ensure me a few rings at Staples, a good day at work, on-time PATH trains for lunch in Newark w/a friend from my first job out of college, time to punch holes in my planner, and on-time commuting to Yonkers for dinner w/my high school orchestra teacher.


  1. thats really funny!
    i know you only mentioned it briefly but i am feeling the "body shifting with age stuff" too-- HARDCORE. i no like. its time to start running around the city streets.
    miss you.
    happy new year, lady!

  2. Wow, when I read about the bird poo and how lucky it is, I started looking around for trees to stand under.

    You know, no one knows your body better than you, so if you think something is still wrong, you should go back to the dentist and be like, TAKE A BETTER LOOK! Or even, get someone else's opinion. You are your number one priority. You need to make sure you are your dentist's number one priority too (or at least for the time you're in the chair). Seriously! My symptoms, which were present and mentioned to my doctor, were dismissed time and time again for FIVE YEARS. I always felt like something was wrong, but my doc always reassured me that everything was fine. I'm not fine.

    P.S. My teeth need help too. My wisdom teeth are coming in and I think they're going to need to be pulled. :(

  3. All that poopy luck must fill you with glee. My grandson knows how you feel. See

  4. ellie2:08 PM

    i'm so glad you finally got to see crash! it is such a spactacular movie. ahhh... LA. you deserve some good luck i hope it happens. the yoga sounds nice and i know what youmean!

  5. crash was really beautiful. the DP or whoever did a good job.

    wisdom tooth pulling isn't that bad!! really! i had all four out, all one at a time, over several years. it ranged from horrible impacted to tiny didn't even notice it was pulled. it's a tooth pulling, very straightforward.

    i am sooooo feeling the getting old. hardcore. i didn't get a lottery ticket; no time! but at least now i have a bird poop story.


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