Tuesday, December 12, 2006

At Gili's, sleepy and at home

I'm crashing tonight at Gili's. I love it! I love hanging out w/her. We had a great laugh b/c I told her about my Nick Lachey dream and never knew how to say his name so I said it really wrong. I laughed so hard that points in the fronts of my shoulders hurt. I worked today at Paper Dragon and love it. I'm working on a clamshell box for a client and it's an amazing education. Gavin was mortified, though, when I put Justin Timberlake on. Enrique kept asking for "more sexy back!" but I knew our boss couldn't handle it. I think I'm getting sick. I'm really run down. I met Rafff and delivered my entire website content to him on CD; stayed up really late last night to do it and had to get up at 6:45am to get to work. Ug.

I think he's going to do an amazing job. Anyone who wants a website made should hire him. I'm too tired to do the hyperlink, but you can find him at http://anderhalf.com/

I had Angelica Kitchen for dinner tonight w/Amy & Alex. I was so droopy from tiredness. I hope I make it alive through work tomorrow. I'm wearing Ellen's old monkey pants and two of Gili's shirts. I'm losing my train of thought; can't wait to get home tomorrow and just sleep hard.


  1. Angelika Kitchen, Ellen's comfy pants, and a sleepover at Gili's?

    Sounds great.

  2. YEA!!! I'm sorry I made you miserably sick. Please don't be a stranger. I'm sorry you were so allergic to Corny. Please forgive...


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