Friday, December 08, 2006

Aloha from Silver Spring

A quickie: slow work morning, metro to Louis' place where I met Kaia (such a sweet happy baby!) and was able to catch up w/her and Carlos. Lou is in med school and finals so I'm lucky she was willing to spend time w/me. We just got back from Thai dinner; Louis' little sister Ruby came along as well. I thought about asking people to do extraordinary things for my next performance rather than only asking for small simple tasks while trying to walk with parallel feet on the edge of the metro platform.


  1. Grrr. I'm not a fan of DC, but I'm glad you're having fun there.

  2. i'm not a dc fan, either. dc, boston, and la are all places i kind of hate in this country. but dc was much easier to swallow this time. maybe b/c i saw NO sights, was in pretty neighborhoods and the suburbs, and got to only do what i wanted to do.


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