Friday, November 03, 2006

This is it

So sad! I'm trying to be mechanical about last-minute cleaning and all, but it's sad. Good thing I drew all over the walls so it doesn't look as barren w/all my work gone and packed and shipped. Shawn and I went to Grand Island to do mad errands, and met up w/Chela at the Chicken Coop for a sweet little dinner. I'm just about done vacuuming and wiping down; I want to spend my last night in the farmhouse w/the other two. Still need to burn the rest of my trash and then...Lincoln, the Kawasaki plant, an Episcopal baptism, Omaha, and then the flight. Even today, walking around the strip malls while waiting for the alignment to be done on the VW, I was sad to think about going back to car exhaust, subways, pesticides, grass that isn't really natural, tons of strangers, and pavement. This was a really important and wonderful time. See? I can't even articulate it very well.

And guess what: I WILL be the last one on the farm; Shawn and Chela both take off tomorrow a.m.!!! So I might do a frantic freaking out post tomorrow after they leave, before my ride shows up. Otherwise, thanks for riding w/me.

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