Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sweet Sunday

I couldn't sleep last night. I ended up burning the candle Clover sent me for my bday in Nebraska all night. It was still burning the a.m. Better in the metal tins; I broke a wine glass on the farm burning candles too low (I broke the other washing it). I just finished curating my paper: picking off all the bits of stray pulp that were on the dirty pellons interleaved between my paper. That's 90 sheets of paper, checking both sides with an x-acto knife and rubber cement pickup. My arms and shoulders are shot, but it's done. This batch of paper had lots of lessons, and besides the milkweed disaster, I know now that even if I am really tired and cranky, it's best to clean the pellons before I pull sheets. MUCH EASIER to clean pellons rather than curate paper.

I had a fun photo shoot w/Terttu today (I loooove modeling for her, and not only b/c she'll be famous someday soon) and then we had lunch next door at the cafe. SO beautiful out. Then, Eric and I had the easiest logistical rendez-vous that we've ever had in Chicago. Probably the only one that required no vehicles; turns out we are very close, so I just had to walk straight on Armitage and he walked about two blocks. I almost started drinking at 2pm, but forgot about my favorite drink (bloody mary) and had seltzer & bitters instead. It was realllly good to catch up with him. He confirmed my fear that grammar in American English has gone out the window. I'm mortified that no one cares about it or teaches it anymore.

I'm waiting for Tam to get home from Michigan, and will see Jay in a couple of hours. I assessed everything on my body today, which confirms the possibility that I might be able to pull off never buying clothes again (though I adore well-crafted boots, so I'm allowed to buy shoes):

Mom: coat
Mom's friend: scarf
Terttu: hat
Ivan: gloves
Cindy: hoodie, underwear, long underwear, hair tie
Tam: dress

All I bought were my socks, boots, and bag (which was like a dollar at the Samurai store in NY Chinatown, and I only got it after my sister got me one two years ago). A former therapist told me that I need to buy my own clothes and not let other people define me by clothing me, but I think if I approach it w/the right attitude, I'll be fine.


  1. I LOOOVE wearing clothes from other people. It's snugglier. Like it makes you feel special. We should have a clothing swap next time I see you!

    (I have something for you already, BTW.)

  2. ag!!!! i still can't believe i'm going to SEE you soon!!! what a TREAT. like a million treats all at once.

    i wish we could do a swap, but i'm trying to get rid of all my clothes here in chicago before i get to ny. swimming in boxes. i'm getting better and better at trashing things.

  3. Anonymous7:06 PM

    you're so brave. i wrote a comment about your new plan for not buying clothes on my blog before realizing it should have been on yours. i have way too much stuff!

    i can't believe you're getting rid of your beautiful instrument. that's got to be so hard. even if you don't use it or it's too heavy, it's got to feel like a loved one at this point, right?

  4. It's really good that you're letting go- I think the letting go is more important than the where-it's-going. But we should totally dig through my closet and see what fits you!


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