Thursday, November 30, 2006

Round one, done

Rafff called just before I left to catch the bus and reassured me since he's had three root canals. I finished Annie Dillard's Holy The Firm and My Antonia (eh, so-so. Either I read too fast or Willa Cather wrote about the room in a different book, but I didn't see any similarities w/Shawn's bedroom in the farmhouse that's nicknamed the Willa Cather Suite). I saw "Garden State" last night and felt old. Tonight's treat will be "Hustle & Flow" and I've started on The Handmaid's Tale. I'm relieved to say that I'm suriving the first bit of the root canal just fine. Still numb.

He drills, and then says, "you have FOUR roots!! Three is already unusual, but four!" OMG. What is with this tooth??? Talk about not wanting to let go. Apparently one of the three roots we saw in the x-ray branched into two. I go back for more on Tuesday. What worried me more than pain was the temporary filling epoxy and dust from drilling the existing filling. I mean, my body is taking that in directly. Seems super toxic. There was zero blood b/c all the stuff in the roots was rotten. I got another upbraiding by mom ("how could you let it get this bad??") but she said my hair was pretty w/o a straight perm while we waited at the pharmacy and had coffee frozen yogurt (I love that my RN mom thinks that feeding me frozen yogurt immediately after a root canal is a good idea. SHE is the one who gets crazy about my sugar intake, and then she gives it to me after a major dental procedure??).

What is hilarious to me is that I got so freaked out about the whole thing that it grew in my mind to roots that were bigger than tree roots. So I was shocked that drilling to the roots was so quick (not like drilling for water or oil in the ground), and then shocked that there's a long tool that goes into the roots. Somehow, I thought that my dentist would have to get a shovel and scrape out my nerves and blood vessels in a days-long, arduous procedure, since my roots must certainly extend to the other end of the planet. It's apt that I'm reading about perspective and proportion in drawing and how we draw things bigger that we consider more important. When I had my last wisdom tooth pulled by this dentist, I was so freaked out, but it turned out that he pulled it out so quickly and easily that I didn't know it happened. He just turned out the light and put the chair back up and I was like, "wait! What about my tooth??" and it was on the tray.

I've decided that little black dresses are overrated and I will never get rid of my red one. I also can't get enough of the Be Good Tanyas. My iPod came in the mail! The ancient one that got a new battery after a class action suit was filed against Apple. Not that I even missed it, but it's good to have another hard drive. Last night, I realized that all life is like living on a farm: there are cycles we go through, and there is always some task that has to get done. My next huge project will be getting all my "xmas cards" out in the mail. Somehow, my Entourage reports 200+ and I'm nervous b/c I only printed 160 of them.


  1. ellie6:29 PM

    good. it sounds like it was better than you thought it would be. the frozen yogert is your mom saying = I LOVE YOU! It is ironic though. I agree.

  2. Anonymous7:58 PM

    What art book are you reading? that sounds really interesting and I might want to read it, too. Not that I have time, but I can't help myself. Must be my inherited information anxiety that my mom gave me.

    I am so happy about your root canal. I didn't want to say this before but any mouth work, especially stuff like root canals is pretty much my worst nightmare right after my nightmare of dying without making a dent in the world. I was completely frightful for you and now it's like this huge weight was lifted. Empathy can be a little dangerous.

    Tell me if you like Handmaid's Tale. I loved it when I was in high school and I still remember a lot of it. I wonder if I'd still like it now.

    I didn't like "Garden State" at all. More on this in person. I'm curious to know how you'll feel about "Hustle and Flow." I really like the main character's unicorn tattoo and wish it was mine.

  3. Anonymous11:06 PM

    Your hair *is* pretty without a straight perm!

    Sorry, I could only scan this post because of my intense fear of the dentist. Congratulations on surviving the procedure.


  4. the book is _drawing on the right side of the brain_. rory gave it to me in omaha. it's kind of a drag to plow thru right now so i'm just skimming (reminds me a lot of _the artist's way_).

    i know. i'm learning now which friends are good to talk to before medical procedures and which are not. i've been thru MAJOR dental drama ever since i was little, so i had hoped it would be over, but i guess not. in the end, this turned out to be like nothing. well, it's not over yet, but so far, so good.

    yes, let's talk "garden state" later. i was 'eh' about it. i remember my sis being SO crazy about it when it first came out, but she was closer in age to them. i was kind of 'eh' about "hustle & flow" as well, but i liked the music.

    mom also said my hair color is pretty. she's so funny about when she says nice things and when she contradicts them.

    i'm tired. i'm on the H's in my entourage and have a feeling i'll be addressing cards tomorrow, too.

  5. Anonymous11:44 PM

    people always say i should read drawing on the right side of the brain. but then, when o worked at the bookstore in minneapolis, lots of people brought in copies to sell, which made me think they didn't like it.
    i really didn't like the artist's way. maybe these kinds of books weren't meant for me.

  6. i agree. i'm not so into those kinds of books. but people like giving them to me. i get some things out of them, and when the timing is right, a lot (like when i almost sabatoged my getting into grad school by getting involved again w/someone who was very bad for me).

    go to bed! :)


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