Saturday, November 25, 2006

"Perils" vs. "safety"

Mom woke me up at 6am today so that I could force feed myself yogurt to take more meds. NOT FUN. When I actually got up later in the morning, she lectured me about how I have to have a positive attitude, like isn't it good that we found out HERE in NY and not in NE; and, you have a healthy tooth even though it's dying b/c it has three roots instead of the normal two (this, I have a hard time with. B/c the procedure will be THAT much more difficult. Why does the tooth w/THREE roots have to be the one that goes bad??). My sister and brother-in-law took turns last night talking me down after I read scary things about root canals after doing a "root canal perils" search.

They insisted that I make a date w/them for today, so I met them at Union Square for some shopping and lunch at Angelica Kitchen. Then, I saw Ellen and David!!! It was SO nice to hang out for a while. I met Cindy and Ivan and their friend later at City Bakery, but left early to go home. I'm a little worried b/c I still have pain in my mouth but I've been taking ibuprofen to keep it down. I don't want it to escalate to the raging pain from Wed night, so I take it before it gets bad (b/c, seriously, NOTHING makes it better once it reaches fever pitch). But I don't want to mask pain if it means I should go in earlier than Thursday. I was just hoping that the meds would calm the infection down a little before I get opened up.

I'm feeling a little better in my head, so I did a "root canal safety" search and basically was told to not believe any of the crap I freaked out about last night, that all of that has been proven untrue, and that I'll likely be fine. I still am not looking forward to it, but hopefully the worst panic is over.

On the way into Manhattan, a woman noticed me reading my Oberlin alumni magazine, and it turns out that she's also an alum, and teaches social studies & Photoshop at my old middle school. I met her son, who's an "aspiring artist." She introduced me to him as a "real artist." I think I need to have more encounters like this to keep me distracted from looming dental procedures. Unless people have really wonderful stories about root canals.


  1. My root canal was totally easy. I broke my front tooth when I did a face plant into a rock and was in some serious pain for a few days and I couldn't wait for the surgery so I could start healing. My doctor was very relaxed and relaxing and I just stared at the stupid Peanuts posters on the ceiling and thought about summer vacation (I was in high school when all this happened) and the major guilt trip I was going to lay on the girl who caused the face-rock collision, and then it was over. I also had all 4 of my impacted wisdom teeth out a couple years ago and it was totally fine. They gave me Valium and I listened to Paul Simon. The Valium made me super emotional - I think I fell in love with my doctor and his assistant and I cried because the music was so pretty. I remember being annoyed at having to keep my mouth open for so long, and getting tired of drooling, but no pain during it.

  2. ug. i had two of my impacted widsoms taken out while awake. not fun watching the dentist cut me open and then take out my tooth that he hacked into at least five pieces and see him get bloodier and bloodier. luckily, the other two weren't impacted. the last was so tiny that i didn't even know that the dentist pulled it out until he took my bib off.

    my dentist here said front tooth root canals are easy! but mine is a goddamn molar w/three freaking roots. i guess that's what i get for being a drama queen. and assuming my pain was from grinding.

  3. Anonymous12:00 PM

    I have had 3 root canals - 2 molars and 1 in the front. The pain before the procedure was much worse than anything after. In fact as soon as the procedure was completed on the one with the infection my pain was g-o-n-e. though my jaw was a little tired from holding it open.


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