Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Now I'm really mad

ARGH!! I was pretty far into this post and then my computer crashed for the 2nd time in about an hour. I understand that I've dropped it a lot, but come ON. I can't wait to get back to NY and see if those geniuses can do anything to help me. Grr. Anyhow, I was saying all this stuff about today (Tuesday), which I thought was Wednesday. Though now it's Wednesday b/c it's past midnight. Since I'm cold and tired, I'll do the list version of what I just wrote and lost:

1. oversleep despite not sleeping well, rush to yoga and see Jim & Bill, who tells me good things about Vermont Studio Center, where I'm going in Jan (he was there last Feb)
2. see crazy 40+ car funeral procession on Chicago Ave while waiting for the bus
3. have really good Waldorf salad & tomato rosemary soup at my old building on the Gold Coast (along w/the fastest service I have ever, ever experienced there)
4. great bodywork session on new heated table
5. nice visit to the MCA to see the Richard Tuttle show; not impressed by the show on global sustainability b/c it didn't seem like art and it was too loud (like, the lettering was too big and blocky, etc.). But SOOOO happy to see the Tuttle show - made me think about both Shawn's and Chela's artwork, as well as mine, and made me want to own a letterpress studio for real.
6. had a fun, fun tapas dinner w/Chicago Shawn and got drunk sharing an entire pitcher of sangria
7. had a very smooth ride back on public transport (today was a big bus day: #66, #151, #146, #66 again)
8. booked my flight to Vermont and got a new pair of knitted socks from Tam!! Wohooooooo! I'm so never taking them off.

Everyone in Chicago should go to the Cultural Center Wed night to see Site Unseen! 6-9pm, live art all over the building, great curator and artists. I'll be there for the duration to take it all in. Yay.

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  1. Anonymous8:15 AM

    i'm sorry your computer crashed. that sucks so much. i still liked your post.


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