Sunday, November 26, 2006

No one rests on Sunday

6am: yogurt and meds
7am: King Sauna in Fort Lee, NJ. Three showers, three or four visits to the steam sauna complete w/marbles for your feet, two swims in the long cold tank w/waterfall, three sits in the hot medicine tub (it's like being in a huge teacup: a big bag of herbs floats in the brown water), and a plunge into the ice-cold jacuzzi. I fell asleep in the dry hot room upstairs where you just lay down on wood headrests, put your feet up on stumps, and sleep in a "uniform" (pink T and shorts for women, white for men). It was no chicken shed banya, but Korean bathhouses are HOME for me.
9:30am: hair salon in Fort Lee, where I spent about 90% of the time reading trashy magazines. I think I'm all educated now about Brit's divorce, so quiz me before I forget. I was chastised again for not wanting to get a straight perm after getting a cut and iron (the theory being that I am "SO pretty" w/straightened hair. Anyone who knows me knows that I will never be pierced, inked, or permed. No permanent body alterations! Except things like root canals).
2pm: after almost dying from perm fumes (mom's) and trashy mags, we hit the Korean supermarket where I eat so I can take meds on time. I realize that my impatient and stressy-about-time tendencies are inherited from mom and Korean culture (as I'm nearly run over by numerous carts).
3:15pm: get dropped at 125th Street; take the 1 train downtown to meet Ellen and Gili!!! YAY!!! This time, last year, I met Paulette in person after meeting on Ellen's blog. Now, Gili! It was great. And like nothing at all, like old friends. We gabbed, met David and his friend, and walked to Ellen's place, from where we emerged laden w/gifts. I got her tripod on extended loan so I can strike it from my wish list (FYI, the remaining items are a headlamp, flashlight, and digital video camera). She made this fantastic shirt for me that's in the pic (courtesy of the new tripod, in front of an old painting I did that was a copy of a Egon Schiele drawing).
8pm: arrive home for more food and meds.

I feel like I'm severely neglecting my art life, and am surprised by how exhausting my "break" from my art life is. I think I can only really handle one or two dates in a day anymore. I'm looking forward to tomorrow, when I can get back to yoga and finish my unpacking ordeal, so I can catch up on overdue business and make myself a new sketchbook so I can get all this stuff in my body out onto handmade milkweed paper. Oh, and go to the library b/c my list of books to read is overgrown.


  1. Anonymous10:08 PM

    i'm so glad we had hang out time. you're right, it seemed like it had happened before or something. just regular. i'm happy about that. i didn't realize you didn't know paulette at oberlin. i'm surprised.

    remember a couple weeks ago (or maybe last week) when i said on my blog that i was neglecting my writing? you said not to worry, that i had just moved and it made total sense. well, now the advice needs to head right back at you. you just got back here. give yourself a little time. these past few days i've been revising in the mornings and i'm totally pushing it too soon. my writing is clunky and suffering because of the pressure i'm putting on myself right now. still, you'll know when it's time to throw yourself into it. maybe your process is different than mine, but i've got to have some solid ideas in my head before i can sit down and get a story on the page.

    i'm going to be thinking of you on thursday. good luck with the RC. i'm sorry you've been in so much pain. (dealing with the tooth/meds and your mother seem like more than enough on your plate, which might have a lot to do with needing a little break from creating new art.)

    let's have cider at angelica's whenever (or come by housing works and i'll take a break from my life in the basement).

  2. Anonymous7:01 AM

    Your day sounds *wonderful*! I like the haircut, too. I wish I could've been there to hang with the three of you. Isn't meeting on blogs the greatest?

    Hi Gili!

  3. wow. thats so muching doing with out not doing. Thats no break. Take a real break, you need it.

  4. it's not really time off. you're with yr family. it doesn't really count. just be strong. it will be over soon.
    also, you look really great with your new haircut.


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