Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Morning things

I'm skipping yoga practice today; too much on the dear plate. I like my plate. I just tend to heap way too much onto it. Somehow, I woke up really early. Which is good b/c there's a lot for me to prepare for today. I forgot to mention this link last night b/c I read it, and though it's not the best thing on the yellow fever topic that I've read, I am glad that at least it's still out there, trying to be visible, since it's so rampant but unconsidered except by the victims.


  1. Dont you wish you could just ask for a bigger plate sometimes?

  2. Good for you managing your life so well! I'm impressed.

    OMG the article brings back so many memories!! (Of being single). I swear, some of those encounters could have been direct quotes from my life. A past life, thankfully.

    Maybe next time someone gives you a creepy Asia-phile pick up line, you should put your hand in his face and say, "NO SPEAK ENGRISH!" and walk away.

    P.S. I love the last line of that article! "He's a new man, he says, living by a new philosophy: 'Asian women tend to be mean, stingy abusers.'"

  3. but i don't feel like that really ends even AFTER you are w/someone. it's such a huge problem.

    and, the problem w/getting a bigger plate would be that i'd heap even MORE onto it, which would surely spell trouble.

    p.s. - michael, come to work tomorrow! i'm going to make paper in the studio (thurs).

  4. I agree, bigger plate = bigger problems. You're doing great with what you have and making every heaping count!


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