Sunday, November 05, 2006

Mad love

I should be sleeping soundly now. But instead, I'm downloading photos...I was going to back up my computer again but think I should just do this post and then crawl into the guest bed in the guest room at Julie's and Greg's so I can get up in time tomorrow to go to their goddaughter's baptism. Today was the last morning. I've never been outside in the mornings on the farm since it's gotten cold; I usually stay in and do my yoga routine and art and then go out after lunch. But today was GORGEOUS, and I went back to my studio to pack, and then back to help Shawn put finishing touches on the banya and shoot it. Chela took off super early. Hilarious, b/c she was the one talking about staying until late November.

Shawn had lots of packing and crap left to do, so I was in charge of the burn bin (ew, toxic. Burning plastic and rubber sucks, especially when the trash can is about 2/3 my height and I miss the burn bin and then have to crouch near the red-hot barrel picking up all the trash to throw in while inhaling dioxins), and carrying stuff from the house out to the van. We had to clean out the fridge, too. I asked for a cord-tying lesson, which was mucho exciting. I was told never to do what I love doing: wrapping cords around my wrist and elbow. But I think I have the hang of it now.

It's crazy how beautiful it was today. Shawn told me that he wouldn't leave me alone, which I was incredibly thankful for. In the end, he was the last to leave. My ride came right on time. We went straight to the Kawasaki plant in Lincoln and I saw all the rail cars for NYC Transit in a crazy huge space and learned a lot about that whole business. I got sweet treats from Japan, too. I saw Mr. Umeno's house (I grew up w/his daughters upstairs in our apt complex for three years) and we showed each other pictures (there was one of me and Yukiko in NYC in 2002 - god, I looked grey). Then we had a ridiculously decadent dinner at a fancy new place in south Lincoln. I did things I never, ever do. Pinot noir, ribeye, and COFFEE (there was also salad, bread, and tiramisu mixed up in all that). Good lord. Don't ask why. Then I got to Julie and Greg and showed them images from the harvest and talked endlessly even though I was running on almost no sleep and was dying of exhaustion. They're AMAZING hosts. It's kind of ridiculous. They left me alone about an hour and a half ago b/c they were like, GO TO SLEEP. Still not sleeping. The re-entry begins. Wish me luck.

[I'm too dazed yet to miss the farm and my cohort. But I know I will more and more.]


Anonymous said...

soft steps on the reentry. i do wish you luck... :)

polarchip said...

How could I have never noticed- what beautiful teeth you have! I guess those "scary Korean dentists" must be doing SOMETHING right.

What a really wonderful way to end your NE journey! I'm happy you weren't stuck there by yourself, waiting for your ride. And reconnecting with old neighbors sounds so great too. (Esp when they're great hosts. And the dude sounds fascinating.)

PS Why did you have to burn all that plastic? That stuff is SO BAD for you (have you seen Blue Vinyl?!?).

aimee said...

scary korean dentists are awful. they did NOT help me at all. my teeth are more crooked and cracked after seeing them. awful. but now i have a wonderful non-korean dentist in chicago.

we have to burn plastic that isn't recyclable. it's awful but that's just how it works on farms. i believe that's how it works in landfills, too...i can't even think about how bad it is for me.

Chew Chicken Butts said...

I misssssss you,.........funny how i feel so much, upon leaving, as if it were safer to feel while looking back. Art Farm was amazing, there is still so much I could have continued to explore, with the farm and with both you and Shawn. Alas, we have gone different directions, and will endure different adventures... I am so excited we got to cross paths....sweat and sweet travels ...horsechickenbanjo