Thursday, November 02, 2006

Last-minute panic

EEEE!!! Way too much to do and no time!! Shawn sprained his ankle badly yesterday (which is kind of hilarious to me b/c I really thought that I would be the one getting a major art-induced injury. He was up climbing trees to suss out his performance site for a video and got hurt jumping down), so I did lots of instinctual nursing and computer work over at the house last night. He got some gorgeous shots of my performance w/his new fancy fancy camera. I had a beer as I baked oatmeal cocoa cranberry pecan cookies w/vanilla frosting, and we all gorged ourselves on cookies and ice cream. Then I had more cookies for breakfast (but they were baked in the muffin tins so I could pretend they were like breakfast muffins).

Yesterday, I pulled my last batch of paper. The vat has been emptied. I'm drying out the milkweed that's left (I tried to hand beat, but I'm learning here when it's smarter to just stop while I'm ahead): I'll take it back to Chicago and beat in the real beater back at school so I can get a 100% milkweed sheet. I finished waxing all my paper, too, and all the wax is gone. Now I want to bind a bunch more books, figure out what to do w/all the art here, print my holiday cards, pack, and get my psyche together to depart. I'll get picked up Saturday and go to Lincoln, get to Omaha on Monday, and fly Tuesday.

Life! Time! This week is dissolving in my hands. Time to get binding.

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