Friday, November 24, 2006

Kiss of death

Good god. I wanted to wait until after the emergency visit to the dentist today. And the news is the worst I could imagine, and what I feared: I have to get a root canal. NOOOOO!!!!! AAAAAGH. Someone shoot me now.

Thursday: zombie state from not sleeping until 7am b/c of heinous toothache. Get a ride from dad in the rain and have a pretty laid-back holiday w/not very exciting food (not enough Korean food!) - we got to just watch football and hang out. Cindy and Ivan invited another friend, so I was mopey b/c I felt fat and like a less valuable daughter. Yesterday was the 3rd anniversary of Githa's death, and my mom saw a huge resemblance in Cindy's friend, who's from Burma.

Friday: wake at 5am b/c of the hubub of dad, Cindy, and Ivan getting ready for Black Friday (they actually got the 1st computer of the three that were on sale at wherever). Rearrange furniture. Have soup and yogurt b/c I can't chew on the bad tooth. Call the dentist to make him come in to see me. Try to sleep a little more. Hang out, waiting for the dentist's call. Get blamed for everyone not being able to go out w/the car b/c we're waiting for the dentist. Go and get the xray, etc., and the horrible, horrible news. Drive Cindy/Ivan back to Astoria, pick up dad from work in Flushing, come home.

To do: get antibiotics, get probiotics (if ANYONE knows anything about how to counter the terrible attack of anti-b's, please let me know pronto), prepare for the complete decimation of my intestinal flora, call Rafff to find out everything he knows about root canals b/c he's already had a bunch, feel sorry for myself, and have my family tell me that at least I'll lose weight (from not being able to eat solid food) and have my acne clear up (from the godforsaken anti-b's, at the price of my health for the rest of my freaking life!!! AGH. I haven't taken that poison for over 15 years. I'm so sad about this). My mom said she's just glad it was really something serious, not just me crying wolf b/c I have a low pain threshold.

I'd go into all sort of other things now but I have to try and eat enough to be able to take my first dose of the pills so I can prepare to kill my tooth.


polarchip said...

Craziness! I feel so bad for you! Rinse with hot salt water! Rinse with antiseptic mouthwash! That root stuff is serious business. I hope you feel better soon. At least this happened at home where your parents can take care of you, and not while you were on the farm in the middle of nowhere... :(((((((((!!!!!!

I got your phone message, but deleted it assuming I had your folks' #. I don't! When you're feeling OK, can you call me again?

Anonymous said...

Honey, I'm thinking of you. A root canal! I used to have nightmares about those! Just thinking about that dentist's drill makes me want to cry.

Yes--probiotics are an essential when taking antibiotics. I hate that stuff, too. Go for kefir over yogurt (way more cultures). Maybe try arnica for the pain and swelling?

Anonymous said...

Breathe. I have a dentist-nephew, he says that root canals are not the terror they used to be, you will feel so much better and he assures it will not be as bad as you expect. Breathe.

Anonymous said...

it's good you are getting it taken care of! even if it is painful now it will be better in the end! a good lesson for us all. i'm having a really bad tooth issue too. it's not as bad as yours- a cavity was filled but it still really hurts when i floss and when i drink water without swallowing really fast.

beuno suerte!

Anonymous said...

the best part of the root-canal is that you keep the tooth in _use and not under your pillow to bribe the aging tooth-fairy.

as you're crawling the walls propbably you've got an inflammation, so until it's gone you most likely won't face the drill. so no worries. the tabs will do the job (esp. since you were off for so long). as always with the a-b -- finish the course, don't skip. your flora will be oppressed a bit but not to the _imagined degree, just like grass it'll reemerge.

the root-canal itself is all done under anesthesia, local tho(sorry, you probably wanted the general shut-off) -- it'll work more than you think. all that you would sense during the procedure is the parfume of the assistant, or the after-shave of the dentist. thechnically you're getting one big filling. to numb you more they'll even tune the tv for you on your favorite channel(?), ipod will work too.

anyway, you'll survive. just stay off the cold and ask for some painkillers (tylenol works too).

have you ever wondered why most of the dental products contain sweetners? ah, the global dentist conspiracy!!

Anonymous said...

oh holy goodness! that's horrible. dentistry totally scares me. can i make you any liquid food and send it over? you're going to pull through (no pun intended). i'm sorry this is all happening.

MichaelLovely said...

a little secret. I have had 5 root-canals. When i was an baby i had a fever that ruined the enamil on my teeth.