Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Keeping and airing

This was a hard one for me to keep, but I finally got the okay to broadcast this secret: I am SO proud of my little sister, b/c the doc she is editing got into Sundance!!!! When she found out last week and called us in Astoria, I was screamed and jumped up and down for a long time. Tonight at a noisy bar on the lower east side, I told Jami the name of the one movie star that I consistently find hot. I have never told anyone that in my life. But that doesn't mean that I can't keep secrets. I have one from 1996 that has stayed intact, and another from about four years ago that isn't one anymore but not b/c of me, and a couple recent ones. Not bad for my mouth.

Today was nice. I didn't have to rush into the city, though I was all rush once I got there. Holiday foot traffic sucks w/all the gawking tourists. I met Shawn for lunch at 60th/5th Ave. What a nightmare location!! I felt like I was playing dodgeball in the streets, only the people were the balls. We ate in the park and walked around and I got to see his office. Fancy, fancy. My toe hurt so I gave up the big plan to walk to SoHo to see Gili (I'm all into walking ever since that 12-mile trek to Central City. Now I feel like I can walk anywhere), and rode the subway. We had tea at her workplace and I got to see the SUB-basement, which is like her dream come true and my worst nightmare all rolled into one: boxes and boxes of books and other stuff piled ceiling-high across an entire city block.

Then I headed to my old workplace to visit the new office space, and saw lots more familiar faces than I anticipated. Marina kept saying, "doesn't she look younger?!" b/c of the "idyllic" farm life. Lystra is joining the police academy. David told me that he had a great time in Vermont when he went (and he went in the winter, too!). I jumped across the street to see my sister at work so I could drop off a few things she left at home, and met a few more of her co-workers.

Then, to Brooklyn to meet Jami. We had GOOD sushi and I got the grand tour of her neighborhood and apt. I even spent a bunch of time petting her cat, who is like a NY version of Jack. We went back into town so she could see her boyfriend's friend's band play, but I didn't stay for that. It was nice to meet him, though, and SO good to see Jami. I kept marveling at the fact that we weren't in Nebraska anymore. I was worried that she wouldn't want to be friends w/me anymore b/c we weren't living on the farm together anymore, so it was a relief to find that was another figment of my hyperactive and paranoid imagination.

I loved the first part of My Antonia but am now getting bored b/c the family moved to town. I was totally excited about the time when they lived on a farm in Nebraska, but now it's not so interesting to me. We'll see how the rest of it pans out; I hope to finish it tomorrow along w/a ton of paperwork I've neglected for too long. My last free day before surgery!


  1. Anonymous7:36 AM

    Ahhhhh!!!! Congratulations to your little sis!

    Good luck with surgery. I hope it goes well.

  2. Thats so much fun that she got into sundance!
    You gals are such artist.

    also good luck with surgery. Just think, whith out the root your tooth feels invincible.

  3. oh, and just to make sure everyone knows: this pic is of my SISTER, not me. don't ever tell me that we look like twins b/c i've heard that almost as many times in my life as, "where are you from??"

  4. Anonymous11:34 AM

    maybe you could just read the first half of my antonia again and forget the last half. i know you won't, but that's my idea.

    i can't believe the sub-basement is your worst nightmare. what could be better than surrounding yourself with nothing but books? it's so dreamy...

  5. thinking about books in a basement depresses me. unless the basement is humidity-controlled. if i was surrounded by books in an orderly fashion in a spacious room w/windows, that would be different. WAIT! that's a LIBRARY. heehee.


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