Thursday, November 16, 2006

I don't always do the right thing

Like go to bed on time. There's just so much to do, so much to share, so much world out there and in here! What a DAY. Elizabeth helped me get rid of all my stuff that I had loaded onto Tam's back porch and gave me a sweet, sweet birthday package. I met Anni for lunch downtown. She's so smart - a really saavy artist, and a good one to boot. I was the first person to get her a picture for her "Getting My Name Out There" performance piece (scroll to the very bottom of the page to see me on the tractor). And yes, you, too can participate. Clearly, I was the one who put the least amount of work into making the sign.

I also had a really nice meeting with Nancy Tom at the Asian Arts Center; she's really close to getting an Asian studies major approved at Columbia, which is great. She said that they were talking about me recently, saying they wished I was around b/c I would fight for things like that. It's good to know that people think that I'm a fighter. In a good way, of course. I was so tired afterwards that I went to the library to take a nap, and then stopped by the digital lab to surprise Terttu before I headed to Site Unseen.

It was great to be there as an audience member this year, and to see Julie (the curator) and Claire (the program manager @ the DCA), and SO many other friends, colleagues, and artists. There was a LOT to take in. I was excited to see how much research people had done, and work, to make their pieces truly site specific. There was one point where I just thought, "I LOVE being an artist, and experiencing art, and being around artists." I wasn't really able to give anyone/any piece as much attention as they deserved, but am happy to have been there the whole time. The picture is from the load-out from one of the pieces. It was rainy when I left; Greg picked me up so we could get something to eat (too much ice cream!) and that was fun. I finally got to give him my prints and we talked about language, reading, writing, and teaching.

I'm kind of sad now that I booked a flight to leave so early; there are still so many people I want to see. But I have to trust my own instincts about it, too. I decided during one of the performances tonight that I'd like to fast for a week in early December. Along w/lots of other aspirations. Good work, Chicago!


Anonymous said...

older and wiser

what was that farm film your sister edited? we watched one last night it waas REALLY good about a family in iowa. it was sad when they sold off the cows. i really really like cows.

aimee said...

my sister edited "manhattan, kansas" but it didn't have anything to do w/farms. it was about the director and her mom.

iowa! the demise of the farm is sad. and the farmer suicide rate