Friday, November 03, 2006

Full circle

I think I'm in denial right now that I am leaving on Saturday. I got a puncture wound tonight on my right ring finger while fiddling w/the outdoor plumbing on the banya. A big box is ready to ship to NY; the rest I'm praying will all fit into my bags. I finished my sketchbook; this is the penultimate page; back to weaving! Just like when I got here. I looked tonight at my initial application here, and was shocked at how right on it was:

1. Give a brief statement of why you would like to do a residency at Art Farm.

I have never lived in a rural environment. For my entire life, I have lived and made art in urban and suburban settings. I would like the opportunity to live and work in a completely different environment than what I am used to, to see what kind of art comes from being in a completely unfamiliar place. Art Farm seems to be an ideal place to do work that requires vision, discipline, and relative solitude. While thinking about why I wanted to do a residency at Art Farm, I had a dream where I tried to line up text, trees, a house, and Santa lawn ornaments. I was unable to arrange them properly because the noise and grime of the city were overwhelming. I welcome the chance to execute that same challenge without the ubiquitous stresses of urban living.

2. Give a brief description of your intended project/s at Art Farm.

For the past three years, I have made work about human intimacy and the lack of everyday, meaningful, human contact. Given the conditions of Art Farm – vast expanses of land, not many people – I propose to explore a new body of work that addresses intimacy that arises from solitude, in concert with nature. I intend to do that through private encounters with the terrain, harvesting plants for hand papermaking techniques, outdoor sound improvisation with my violin, and constant written and visual documentation that will result in a combination of performance and artists’ books, with a web presence. I am interested in having intimate experiences that can be recorded and shared, which when distributed to a remote and wide audience, can spur similar moments of intimacy amidst strangers, whether alone or with other people.


  1. ellie8:34 AM

    i'd giv eyou a million dollars if i had it.

  2. OMG, what an amazing application. OF COURSE they took you. You and the farm are perfect for each other.


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