Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Finally, a book

I LOVE how quickly interlibrary loan works here. Public libraries rock. I now have about 9 books sitting on the piano bench waiting to be read. I'm a little stressed about it, but maybe I can do that when recovering from the root canal stuff. Too bad I can't have scrolling text on the ceiling of the dentist's office tomorrow. I got some work done today and finally made myself a nice fat sketchbook. I drew comics on the spine. I want to bind a limp vellum but need to find some stiff leather. Maybe I should demolish some shoes or something.

I thought I had some deeper thoughts but I don't. I wish I had time to protest big towels, but I don't. I'll say right now for the record, though, that big towels are a big waste of everything, especially water in the washing machine. I mean, do you need a towel to dry off after bathing, or a blanket?? B/c it seems like people are voting for blankets that are disguised as towels. I also really wish we could ban fabric softener sheets. And air "fresheners".

Breda told me today that gums are key to health stuff. I think my artwork now is going to focus on all things related to the mouth. It's such a strange, strange orifice, but completely vital to life. Don't worry, I'll definitely draw a comic based on surgery, but I can't guarantee when I'll do it.


Anonymous said...

I have one shoe on and I'm running out the door, but I need to say this: Big Towels = my life. I love lying around in towels all day long. Maybe it's the Florida upbringing.

But I can totally support the ridiculousness of drying towels. That sounds like something your mom loves.

Speaking of mom love. My parents love when you make suggestions like not putting the mattress on the floor or saving the plastic that my mattress came in. seriously, you're like an angel to them.

Good luck tomorrow! I'll write more late tonight.
You're going to be okay, I'm sure of it.

aimee said...

actually, my mom hates big towels. i've noticed the gradual huge towel trend w/no other options (like low rise jeans w/no other options) and she's mad b/c she can't buy any smaller ones. it must be the korean upbringing; i remember going to korea when i was little and being stumped by seeing ONLY dishcloth-sized towels in the bathroom. i was like, what?? how am i supposed to dry off?? but really, that's all you need. maybe a second one for your hair.

well, i only speak from experience. my mattress was delivered in plastic but the deliverymen took it away w/them!! it would have been mucho handy when i moved, and even more so for storage in a basement (i instead ended up duct-taping lots of fabric remnants around it). and talk about bad feng shui, if you slept w/the mattress directly on the floor. bad news.

Anonymous said...

ok. call me. i went back to teh dentist today I thought you were making me crazy: pain in my jaw where he put that filling amonth ago. he put me on antibiotics today and will reasses dec 13. but they gave me a payment plan for a root canal. i'm totally confused about it. the ONLY thing he said to me was "you can't show pain on an xray". i was like: i'm not that stupid. but WHAT is causing the pain!!! don't konw what to think! good luck tomorrow if i dont' talk to youtonight. i hope i do. i have to tell you about the weather here.

Anonymous said...

i didn't write last night. i lied and i'm sorry. now it's an hour before your root canal. sending you lots and lots of goodness.