Saturday, November 18, 2006

Fading after a full Friday

7:45am: "Good morning, princess!" wake up duty by Tam. Followed by extremely half-assed yoga.
9:30am: breakfast at Ann Sather's w/Suzanne. Big, healthy dose of advice and support.
11:30am: much-needed nap, with Jack.
1pm: tea and lunch at Earwax w/Clover. Fantastic parallel life conversation and running to her hair appt.
4:15pm: stop back at Tam's and rush out the door again.
4:55pm: arrive at Hokin Gallery to take down my brick wall chunk and images. Head down to the studio to unload the dryer and wrap up 62 sheets of paper while conversing w/Joseph about the yellow fever article. Walk up to C33 to see the media show opening and get two cookies. Wearing the brick wall.

Walk back down to the studio building to see the rest of the show and chomp on the fancy spread. "Nice cape!" and "what is that?" comments on theh way. Find Elizabeth and chat. Call Terttu on the hallway payphone and tell her to come my way since it's on her way. Documentation begins of the brick wall journey: orange line to #8 bus, then to Terttu's place, where I have tea, lay down on my old futon, and demand to know why she has DRIED MILKWEED in her hallway (she said they were "flowers" from a friend. I was traumatized). Confess that I've been listening to Cake a lot. Head back out to the #8 bus, get on, realize Terttu forgot her U-Pass, get off bus, walk back to her place and back to the #8 bus. "Can I touch it?" and "you must be in a play" while Terttu runs video. Blue line to California, a quick stop at the liquor store (she was going to a bday party), and home.


  1. You are crazy. I was so happy to get your email today. :)

    You, on the L, with your beautiful brick wall. Only Aimee.

  2. Anonymous9:16 AM

    wow, your schedule makes me sleepy. oh wait, i just am sleepy. it's so weird with blogs how once you spell out all that you're doing, it really adds up to a lot. mostly it just feels like living, but writing down a full schedule really highlights the intensity of being busy.

  3. Ha Ha! Your pic on the train w/ the brick wall in front of you reminds me of how people wear headphones and listen to their MP3 players on the train. It's like a different manifestation of the same wall....

  4. Anonymous9:36 PM

    P.S. Your hair is getting long. It looks pretty.


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