Monday, November 06, 2006

Enroute to Omaha

Still in Lincoln. On a swinging seat outside a cafe downtown, done w/the sugary chai and getting a little life back into me. Have not gotten enough sleep but have been cared for incredibly well by Julie & Greg. She cooked a huge Korean dinner for us last night; he did his grandmother's pancakes for us yesterday morning. The baptism was great b/c I got to meet the quartet and families. Re-entry is challenging but I'm trying to be present b/c it's precious in its own way: that sense of the liminal (which I am only using b/c I am so tired; I hate that word) will be a defining part of my life starting a few days ago. Constantly moving means constantly crossing new and old boundaries, so right now I can appreciate the country and the city, and miss the farm, and miss Chela and Shawn, and miss the grass, but I can also sit in the middle of a huge metal sculpture and find the one right note to hum that reverberates the entire thing on the University of Nebraska campus. And notice what I have to do to live in a city - that lack of eye contact thing w/strangers is sad - raising all my defenses. I'm glad that I waved to the last farmer I saw while leaving the dirt roads.

Julie & Greg are rehearsing now and I'm going to meet them in a bit for lunch. Then, a shuttle to Omaha so I can crash at Bemis. Maybe I'll get a solid nap before Rory gets back and then I'll hang out w/him and the artists there before flying to Chicago tomorrow afternoon. We saw "Borat" last night. I had really good granola this morning. I think I dreamed about the banya last night.


  1. Anonymous11:46 PM

    wow, your life is sounding like mine. are you okay? are you having time alone to feel sad and good and excited and lonely and dazed? i hope so. i'm rooting for you. look out big city life, here comes aimee.

  2. i'm okay. it's still so weird. it's a big lesson for me to let other people take care of me completely. which is what is happening now, since i am really relying on all of my friends and loved ones to help me along my path. but i feel really lucky b/c so far, it's like my feet haven't touched the ground.


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