Monday, November 27, 2006

Digging my way out

VERY slowly. I've found the prints that I was looking for, and framed one of the ones I made on the farm. I got hooks and tape at the hardware store b/c I'm the only one in the family who can fake decent hangs. I was horrified when I took down a painting and saw packing tape on the back. The method to the madness here: if there's a nail, hang it there. If not, forget it. Which is why everything hangs in the most random places. It makes me completely insane. It's like feng shui never entered this apartment (until I show up. I'm also the family gift wrapper).

Last night's and this morning's dreams were completely insane; filled to the max with ex-lovers and youth orchestras. I blame the antibiotics. I did some yoga (I am REALLY rusty) and meditated for the first time since I left the farm. I got My Antonia and Cat's Eye from the library and put another seven books on hold. I can't wait to read again. That'll help me calm down some. Or something. I think the meds are finally taking charge of the infection; today's my first day sans ibuprofin.

I love hearing about all these people I know (and don't) who have had root canals. I feel like I'm joining a new club (though not voluntarily). It's funny to hear so many people tell me that they don't remember a whole lot from the procedure. I can't tell if that's a pregnancy kind of thing, where nature makes you forget the pain so you'll do it again. Today's positive spin: maybe having the root canal will be symbolically important for me since I'm trying really hard to let go of old habits that are no longer useful to me.


  1. Anonymous9:52 PM

    1. polarchip and I were just discussing feng shui. You need to come over and fix my place. I fear it might give you a heart attack, since I'm totally not feng shui aware. Basically, I just line everything up against the wall.

    2. You'll have to tell me if My Antonia is worth it. I've had plans to read that but I alwats end up postponing it. It seems like it would be really boring, but I'm not into land/nature/pioneer stuff.

    3. I was looking on the be good tanyas website because i was hoping they were coming to new york (which they aren't) and the front page is a picture of a big horse!!! ahhhh!!!

    4. sometimes I love atwood and sometimes i don't. let me know your thoughts on cat's eye. my favorite by her is handmaid's tale.

  2. AHHH!! you make me LAUGH!! hahaaaa!!

    1. i understand that you live in a long narrow space so i wouldn't hold it against you for lining everything up on the wall. i can help you but maybe once you get all the major things, like a BED?? :) it was funny walking past a mattress store on 14th and seeing a dude (i think he was the sales guy) fondle a mattress in the window.

    2. i'll keep you posted on the book. i fear it will be depress-o, but that means it's good i didn't read it in nebraska, even tho it's all nebraska, and shawn's room in the farmhouse is called the willa cather suite b/c apparently it looks just like a room described in the book. i will verify that for you.

    3. i think i saw that, too, and it's pretty recent. does that mean you hate the josh ritter album cover for the animal years, too? i've been listening to tons of be good tanyas lately. did you know that regina spektor was performing in brooklyn the night i flew into ny? i would've gone if it wasn't that night.

    4. i've wanted to read her handmaid's tale forever but just could never get my hands on it (stupid interlibrary loan doesn't seem to work in chicago. you'd think ONE copy would exist in the state of illinois). tam recommended cat's eye very strongly, so i'm starting w/that.

  3. Anonymous6:36 AM

    OMG--I was thinking the same thing! Bad feng shui is totally to blame for dreams that crazy. Not that antibiotics didn't play a role, but seriously--reconsider the configuration of your room.

  4. Anonymous6:29 PM

    come by anytime! whenever you visit your sister at work. or just whenever. i need to show you, you know who(m). i put the "m" like that because i don't know if it should be "who" or "whom"


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