Monday, November 20, 2006

Almost out the door

I secretly petted Jack today. Just a little. This image is in case you didn't believe that BAMA and I are friends now. I'm about done packing and still wondering how in the world I'm going to get everything to the airport w/o losing luggage or limbs. I sold my dresser today, so it's gone. YAY! I can officially say that I own no furniture. I did some cleaning so Tam doesn't have to live w/my hair for too much longer. I tried to make my luggage less heavy but it didn't work. I also tried to put a suitcase inside a suitcase. I ALSO tried to put my computer bag inside a suitcase. All these things didn't work. If only I wasn't a violinist, and then this load would be a little more manageable.

I've been reviewing text and images from the good old farm days, unhappy that my jaw is so sore, and gearing up to be in NY for a while. Though I think I'll go to D.C. for a few days in early December. Maybe a couple upstate trips, too. The guy who bought my dresser today asked what I do and I said, "I'm an artist." That might have been the first time I did that w/o qualifying it, and w/o being ashamed.


MichaelLovely said...

"I'm an artist."

aw, what a moment.
I still have a year of "im a student"

Anonymous said...

You *are* an artist. You should never feel ashamed of that.

I'm happy you're in NY. Eat lots of goodies for me.

I like the cat in the photo.