Friday, October 20, 2006


Wohoo!! Julie and Greg are going to come tomorrow to dinner and to visit the farm. I'm SOOOOOO excited. Shawn says the menu is prime rib & scalloped potatoes. Chela will do salad and I'm going to do dessert. What to do?? I'm thinking carrot cake, but I've never done it before. And I think it would be a lot of work. Today I did digging early on and got to about 4.5 feet. It's getting HARD. Unearthing lots of worms. I also almost killed myself b/c I tried to hoist myself w/my arms up onto the higher level in the barn, missed, and hung off but luckily hit a steel beam so I didn't fall all the way down to the ground. Whew. No more risky business. I also did some masterful Indesign work today, so I feel all geared up for ramen and cutting down paper to dye.

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