Sunday, October 22, 2006

We have to try braid tests, too

I tried the whole eye, but that doesn't work.

But I'm not sure if any of it works.

I had wanted red eyeliner for my performance last year, but I did white nails instead (and what a project THAT was). I also keep wanting to suspend in the air. Not sure what all these impulses are: if they really are about what the performance needs, or what I just want.


  1. i say-- follow your impulses no matter! i saw a woman recently do one eye with lipstick ala raccoon style and it was really crazy! also, there's a completely different look if you put it on the inside of your lower lid-- more bloody. keep at it, girl!

  2. funny, b/c NOW my impulse is to do it exactly like this - lopsided. i'd go further into the lower lid, but am freaked out about my poor eyeball. i've never used makeup, so it's all sheer fear for me.

  3. ellie8:53 AM

    ummm... ithink you look a little freeky. maybe try with black rather than red? to meet it looks like your eyes are bleeding. maybe good for halloween. :)

  4. i agree w/ csmore... always follow your impulses and at the very least, examine them.
    I like the lopsided look. I came in here to tell you that and look, you already thought that.


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