Monday, October 23, 2006

"That'll screw you up for a long time"

Which apparently means that one night of lost sleep will really cost me. I'm feeling it right now, and want to go to bed right after I post. I got up early today after about six hours of sleep, and had amazing morning rituals (GOD, boca sausages are heavenly). It was great to have a good yoga session. Started bleeding about five days early (which works perfectly in terms of performance timing). At 11am, I went back to bed for half and hour, and then went outside to dig. I got extenders on my double-handled shovel, which made it much heavier.

I ended up, after a huge break in the middle of the day from digging, deciding to just leave it at 66 inches. It's just exactly my height. But stupid me: near the end, I thought it would be a good idea to jump into the hole w/a short flat shovel to get more off the sides. I took the plunge and then fell much deeper than I expected; the initial feeling is pretty hella scary, since I was up to my forehead in a hole that's only about 15 x 19 inches. Thank god I had the shovel w/me, so I could put it over the hole and use it as a pull-up bar. After a lot of pressing myself against the walls of the hole and upper body strength, I was able to get out. Frightening. So I spent the rest of my time winding string and wire around the barn.

The camera batteries died right after this picture, so I wasn't able to get shots of today: Shawn needed help sewing his inflatable. I ate more carrot cake from the house, chocolate and ginger from Terttu, and mint from the garden while I waited for him to tweak his calculations. But once he sewed it shut and inflated it, it was AMAZING. Shit. I am sooooo sad I didn't have my camera to do a video clip. The sound inside is incredible, and the condensation made beautiful opalescent patterns on the clear vinyl end of the tube (the other end is black rubber). It was SO fun to play with. I did a sound recording of the process, which was also fun. Tonight, I set type and got the press up and running, though I ran out of steam at the end so I won't print tonight. I'll do that tomorrow.

p.s.: HUGE props to Clover. I got her most amazing package today in the mail: three kinds of fancy tea, hand balm (soooo needed after all the digging), and candle (also something I needed very badly. Plus, it's one to help me sleep. Yay).

p.p.s.: I got my absentee ballot today and voted!! Just need to get a witness mark and I'll mail it off tomorrow.


  1. i adore the new package! plus i love how rough and sturdy the actual envelope is. it's really been there for us and now it looks hillarious, wrapped in all that priority mail tape. thank you thank you. i want to write more but i am sooo ridiculously swamped with preparing for my thursday interview in ny, my final submission for this semester, and my move to the east village in two weeks. after my next trip to new york, i'll have more time. until then, thanks. you're amazing. i'm sad to say, there might not be another package before your residency ends. but there's always your next fellowship... making art and giving mail gifts has really been a fun and special project. i'm so glad we've done it.
    yesterday, i figured out this:
    the package went from a friend of yours to you, then you sent it to me, then i sent it back, then you sent it back, then i sent it back, then you sent it back, then i sent it back, then you sent it back, then i sent it back, then you sent it back.
    i think that's the full story.

  2. That hole sounds really scary! You were like Saddam Hussein in there! Geeze. It sound dangerous to have a big hole like that in the middle of the ground. Maybe you should have a rule, like no digging without a buddy around?

    And voting! Time flies! I haven't brushed up on all the candidates yet. Thanks for reminding me.

    How much longer are you going to be at the farm?????

  3. YAY!! i'm glad you got the package! it's funny, b/c i felt like the envelope was hardly going to make it. i love how it's all covered in tape, over and over and over. no worries about any more reciprocating!! i knew that last one was your last. i love its history. that was a great mail art swap.

    as for the hole, it totally WAS scary. i told shawn and chela today and they thought it was funny. well, shawn did. they were like, i guess we would have come looking for your eventually. but since i don't live over there, it would have taken a couple days for them to notice. SERIOUSLY.

    i'm here until the first week of november. i think.


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