Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Stress queen

1. I was reminded again tonight about how I haven't contributed to my IRA for a couple years now and am all freaked out about it.
2. I know it's true that I'll always have my mother even after she passes away (NOT that I want that to happen anytime soon and NOT that I am looking forward to it; it will be awful and devastating): tonight, as I walked towards homemade ice cream in Lincoln after getting totally confused by glass doors and walking into one (it didn't open fast enough for me) at the post office, I could hear her say, "once you stop eating ice cream, you stop getting fat."
3. I'm still on the computer a bunch.
4. I'm still doing scary jaw clenching and grinding and I have a bad slumping habit (even after a year or more of heart-opening yoga. It's really hard to keep your heart open).
5. I can't stop knitting.

On the flip side,
1. I got another great and timely package from Gili today along w/a rejected book and snarkiness from the postmaster: she sent me My Year of Meats!!! Now I don't have to wait until I leave Nebraska to read it! I already started tonight in a Lincoln coffeeshop and was sad to have to leave. It's exactly what I need right now.
2. My bank-by-mail checks posted. Bank-by-mail works!!
3. I moved lots of furniture (okay, really Ed moved all my furniture) to open up my studio so I can set up papermaking, and have been drawing on my huge sheets of paper on the big wall space that has been opened up. AND I vacuumed.
4. My self-inflicted pressure is becoming more and more obvious to me. First step towards recovery is... (tonight as I walked back to the car, through a deserted street, I asked myself out loud, "can I sleep in tomorrow, Aimee? What do I have to do tomorrow?")
5. I can't stop knitting.


  1. you aren't supposed to be writing, silly.

  2. you at least seem like your doing tons of stuff!

    I hope all is well.


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