Friday, October 27, 2006

Strange details

Well. I guess I'm about as ready as I'll ever be. I hung and placed all my walnuts, made my burial mound and gatekeeper, nailed violin strings into a barn board (I love this piece. I've been thinking about it for a long time and it's really simple but it makes me happy). I decided NOT to string; that will be part of my performance: ongoing stringing. I braved old dust and endless owl turds and rusty nails so that I could move larger planks from one side of the upper level to where I'll perform. Then I won't feel like I'm about to fall through the holes the entire time. The ladder is set again, thanks to Shawn.

I spent a lot of time today knitting my costume (two long fingerless gloves and a collar; matches exactly the silk top Gili sent to me, which I cut to fit under the dress). Goodness knows. I want to take the typewriter up there, too, but it might be a challenge carrying it up the ladder. So I'll have my violin, typewriter, paper, and string. Durational. I thought a lot about trying to do a discrete, 10-min or 20-min performance, but I'm just not built for that kind of work. And thank god: Chela is doing two rounds of her performance, so I'm going to do only one. 3-5pm each day. Weather report looks fantastic. Sound check today felt good; the music for the barn is SO obvious. E flat, F sharp.

But these are the crazy things: I do all this stuff that NO ONE will notice. Hunting around for a white eye pencil yesterday for makeup no one will really be able to see from that distance. KNITTING pieces of my costume that no one will notice. All the reasons for the walnuts that no one will know about, and how I gathered and cooked and dehusked, and dried, and roasted, and hung. The buried treasure. How I arranged even the wood in the "trash" pile. These things are so crucial to me, but no one will ever really know. Yawn. Time for bed.

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Gili Warsett said...

ohhh! happy to have contributed. i'm in such a whirlwind: literally since a noreaster is headed our way, but i will get back into blogging and paying attention soon. our lives are speeding up!!!
good luck with your performance! you'll be fabulous, i'm sure.

oh, and i totally know about not sleeping during art tornados/chaotic moments. i'm the same when i get into the zone. good luck getting through it. you're clearly thriving. yea!