Saturday, October 21, 2006

So far

No sleep yet. I leapt out of bed right before eight and went to work, baking 380 sheets of walnut-dyed paper. It smelled warm and brown and heavenly. It was so hot in front of the oven that I just worked in my underwear for a while.

Later, I was like, why am I so cold? And then I realized I was dressed like I was on the beach in the summer. I also grated 3+ cups of carrots for the cake. I am so excited. I want it to be a double-layer one.

I was going to get dressed in a wool dress and leg warmers to go grocery shopping, but I pulled my costume out of my suitcase (complete w/still-alive cricket hidden in the pleats) and decided to see if I need to alter it. It's kind of iffy. I feel like no one else will care if I wear it as is, but I'm not totally convinced.

I'm not really feeling the digging vibe today. We'll see...depends on how shopping and baking go. One big feat today is already done: showering.


  1. it look BEAUTIFUL like an old movie star!!! but freeeeezzzzzinnnnggggg. Don't get hypothermia just for a performance. ok?

    i had a dream last night you set me up on a date with a cousin of yours. very tall. in madison. we met in the parking lot of my childhood church (that church is very often in my dreams) and he and i went on a date to some art meuseum place... work studio for artists. it was very cool and i really really liked him.

    at first i couldn't understand what he would say to me but then i jsut had to listen differently. he was very cool. i couldn't tell if he was japanese or korean. it was like an 8th grade date. but we were older and smarter. i guess i have a student in one of my classes that maybe is who i was thinking of. but it made me curious if you have any tall very nice boy cousins...???

  2. ya. i know. it will be a challenge b/c i am always apt to go over the edge for performances even when i know better. so i have to figure out what to wear under the dress to make it possible to be outside and not get sick.

    i do have a tall boy cousin. i guess he's nice. he just got married this june - a day after my sister did. he was the last cousin in korea to get married on my dad's side; he had spent a couple years here in nyc going to nyu for music mgmt. singer songwriter but of course works corporate.

    i miss you!


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