Saturday, October 21, 2006

The sleeping sickness

Or lack of. I have been up ALL night. This never happens to me. I wonder if the caffeine in the darjeeling tea at 9pm did it. Whatever it is, it's going to hurt once the sun comes up. The wind has been howling upstairs and it's going to snow (if it's not already). I think I know what that means: no digging come day. I'm feeling the soreness already, and am more fixated on the prospects of making carrot cake. The pressure of the performance (in a WEEK, what??? Time, slow down!!) is getting to me; my to do list for it is insane. But I think I'll have to take it easy today.

On a scary note: it's in the 30s, and there are STILL mosquitoes out.

Okay. Time to try and get at least a few hours of sleep.


  1. dawn_of_doom10:35 AM

    We've traced them! Thank you for the watchful report, this matter is URGENT. What you're dealing with is the new transgenetic breed of cold-proof mosquitoes, mosquitoes russi armori. To futher confirm your report, please carefully take a look -- unlike their regular couterparts, this breed fashions a distinct fur-coat,valenki-boots and fur-hat with a pair of micro-satellite antenaes for comms.
    Our fear is that these mosquitoes are the Russian special forces' avantgard, precursors of the upcoming invasion! NO PANIC!
    They're practically invincible to the regualr means. While their primary mission is not confirmed, they should be set for reconnaissance, but will terrorize in defence.
    For your own PROTECTION: have a bottle of vodka open, this will detract them for some time.
    Another still experimental approach is to flash them with your unclothed body -- sounds almost suicidal, yet -- in excitement they will begin to undress, and will effectively turn into regular mosquitoes non-withstandng the cold. The side effect is the piles of coats and boots on the floor (they keep their antennaes on).
    Spoofing their comms and sending them to bania ("ИДИ В БАНЮ!") is another option.
    So HOLD ON and keep on your invaluable posting, we're sending you the reinforcement and CDC-team shortly.
    Thank you for your brave-vigilance. Your sleepless night may have just redeemed our FREEDOM! WE'LL PERSEVERE!

  2. good GOD!!!

    oh, SHIT! i just looked out the window: SNOW.

    it smells like banya in here w/all the walnut-dyed paper baking, my fingers black from it all. a mosquito a couple of days got me right at my neck where it meets my violin.

  3. I WANT some of your carrot cake. oh my that sounds soooo good!

    david made some keish last night. it was really good but then he kept telling me how much cream is in it and then my stomach hurt.

    do you know that song by pete segar called i'm going to wrap my self in paper i'm going to sick my self with glew, i'm goign to stick a stamp on top of my head and mail my self to you. david thinks pete segar is his grandfather... odoptive of course. :)

    wish i could see you soon. try the moon drops. but hopefully you're asleap by now.


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