Sunday, October 29, 2006

Round one: over

Wow. What a day. I harbored a lot of anger and frustration this morning, but got over after my performance. It was crazy; I got so upset that I ended up literally running to the barn, climbing the ladder, and taking solace in my little nook I've made for myself, typing out my woes on the typewriter I lugged up there. It felt really good to perform again. I did things I didn't think I'd do (like touch the gross owl turd/dusty wood w/my bare feet and fingers). People stayed for a long time to watch; it was kind of amazing that they did. I marked the barn before I started w/charcoal, making x's around the entire perimeter on the outside. It felt right to do. The weather was amazing. I loved playing and winding thread while looking through all the holes in the ceiling to the blue sky. Apparently, the acoustics are good up there, and it's also warmer than being below. B/c of my performance, the architect & director decided NOT to rip out the top level of the barn, as originally planned in the renovation blueprints. So I saved it! Yay.

But the best was later in the day, after my performance (thank god I only had to do one per day since I tucked mine between Chela's two where we bury her in corn kernels) - we ended up meeting a bunch of young artists/art fans who came from about an hour and a half away. I took them to the banya, and then to my studio and up on the roof. Shawn and Chela came by after running out to the cornfield to tend to his inflatable, and to shoot pictures of the sun setting on it, so we had beer and whiskey on the roof, and then went to the banya!! God, that banya rocks so hard I can hardly stand it. So it was eight of us in there. Totally amazing. Last night, Shawn and Chela and I were in the banya, too. It made for perfect performance hair: a little damp, slept on. The makeup worked, too. I almost fell off the top of the barn b/c a board was loose and I was leaning forward on it, right on the edge, while sitting w/my violin. Crazy.

Anyhow, I also took two other guys to my studio b/c one of them had a bad fear of heights so he wouldn't join the roof party, and they were SO sweet and looked at ALL of my work - like, every single page of my sketchbook, even. Jason was great - he said that I'm cool in his book b/c I shamelessly wrote a Justin Timberlake quote in it. Okay. Once this Prokofiev violin concerto gets imported, I have to do the awful task of looking at the video footage of me from today so I can give instructions for what I want tomorrow. Yeesh.


  1. Congrats on your performance! I really wish I could come see it. I would love to see your performance and hang out in the countryside with you for a while.

  2. That's so amazing! I knew you would pull it off. AND when things get hard, your body/mind seem to know exactly what you want/need to do to take care of yourself. Seriously, congratulations. Please, don't fall from barns or into holes. I'm glad you are savoring your time there.


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