Monday, October 30, 2006

A perfectly perfect Monday

1. Up at 7:30am. Yoga, meditation, transcription, laundry by machine & by hand.
2. Breakfast at the waffle house in Central City w/Shawn & Chela (every item after this should read "with Shawn and Chela).
3. Critiques outside Chela's studio begin. I outline the Critical Response system that Liz Lerman developed, and we use that for our structure (it worked really, really well for us). Break for snacks after my crit. Evaluation of our residency during snacks. Break after Shawn's crit for warmer clothes. Chela's crit inside her studio.
4. Fantastic dinner (as usual); I fetch wine that Anne sent from her family's Napa Valley vineyard for our celebration that came via UPS. Cheese plate. Chela's scalloped potatoes (no Crisco! no Velveeta!). Shawn's asparagus (oil, butter, brown sugar). Shawn's pork chops.
5. Gili's mix on my computer that I DROPPED HARD as I ran back to the house when I was cold (please let us all pray that it survives. I'm going to start a full back up tonight and not turn it off until it's backed up. Apple should make perma-insurance for people like me); a little dancing.
6. Moonlit walk on the dirt roads, to the big tree grove, through soybean fields, through corn fields, through the sculpture prairie, back to the house.
7. Spanish hot chocolate and a good footrub for Chela (I did that b/c she accidentally got her feet soaking wet in the water near the trees); tarot cards.

I just wanted to say to all of you: thank you, thank you, thank you. Thanks for being such a supportive community through this process. I seriously couldn't have pulled it off w/o you. I'm not excited about digging my way out of my inbox and other things I've put on the back burner for this past weekend, but am happy with everything I've learned. Still fantasizing about driving to Chicago but not sure where the heck I'd pick up the rental. I SO do not want to be the last one left on the farm (Shawn and Chela are slated to take off Fri/Sat).

Time to back up. Fingers crossed!

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