Tuesday, October 17, 2006

One two three AM

is what my clock reads right now. I was awake for 20 hours of the 24 hours of my birthday, which really just felt like another day. I suppose you get older and it doesn't matter much b/c there are still so many responsibilities in a day that you can't just ditch. I got a bunch of things done in a half-assed way (b/c I didn't want to do them but didn't let myself not do them). I think I'm entering the dark phase now of "creating intense light creates intense darkness as well." I did tongue tattoos for me and Shawn on the ride to look for river rocks in Benedict (a bust) before we headed towards Lincoln (mine is an apple w/worm; his was a 411).
Barely after we pulled out of York and passed Waco, his tire blew. Good lord. We clunked along the shoulder for about 20 minutes while he made emergency calls to W-----t (this was not b/c he wanted to patronize them, but b/c no tire services are open after 6pm) and got two new ones (he had gotten two flats on the way to Art Farm and never replaced his spare). So we ended up meeting Julie & Greg for dinner at 9pm. Julie gave me the cutest scarf that she knitted from yarn she got in Italy. Sweeeet. It was super nice and fun. We had lots of small world moments (like Greg knowing the cellist I hired to play a Ravel sonata w/me for Githa for her last bday party, and all our notes matching up. Now I know why he was such a mess when I worked w/him), and Julie reminded me of lots of things at Meadowmount (a summer music boot/prison camp where we met in '95) that I had conveniently forgotten (something about boys chasing me a lot. I swear I only recall one).

I got four pieces of mail today, such treats. But I think I need to shut down the public mail art project. I think I'm running out of steam; my classic giving too much in my work and not getting replenished. But it was a great experiment, I think. I'm now thinking about making a time capsule here that I'll leave on the farm (whether hidden in a building or buried).

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