Sunday, October 22, 2006

Nostalgia already

How do you BE in a place, when you know it's really good and wonderful, when you know it's completely temporary and fleeting, when you know this particular meeting of people & energy & space & feeling will never happen again (redundant, right), when you are already incredibly thankful for the situation and even now know that that grateful feeling will balloon over time, when you realize you are so close to the end? How can I BE here, w/o thinking about it so much, out of fear of being ungrateful or missing something? Whew [now, a big sigh]. I want to do it right. I think I am. But it's so easy to get tangled in my head. I just sent Arthur an email about that: that in making a sound recording of my artmaking process, I realize how quiet it is to the outsider. All that noise, all that busy-ness: that is ALL happening inside of me. Now I get why people think that I'm any variation of quiet / nice / good-natured / not angry.

Anyhow, last night was AMAZING (this is where you look at photos). Can I just say, again, how much I love my friends, old and new? I so completely loved Julie and Greg and Shawn and Chela last night. Food, drink, good company, exclaiming over the Kronos Quartet's Nuevo album, it's all so simple and wonderful yet tricky. It's not always so easy to get the perfect combination of them all. My carrot cake was okay! I had a crapload of it for breakfast today. I have a crapload of work to do right now and am skittish like kittens I've seen, jumping from one project and thought to another. Today is Sunday. The sun is out.


  1. wow, i totally forgot about kronos quartet. i used to listen to them over and over for writing inspiration. i didn't realize they were still going strong. that's next on my library list of music to remember...

  2. did you see the stuff you got me hanging in the back of my studio? fun.

    oh, that album is GREAT. it's all mexican music and w/tons of great guests and crazy instruments.

  3. gorgeous cake. looks de-licious! i'm so happy to hear you are so inspired. xoxo

  4. ohhh! i didn't see it! that's so sweet!
    do you remember their african cd? i used to love it. i can still hear the music when i think about it. i wonder if i have it somewhere...
    k.q. is so fun!
    (i used to date a harpist from oberlin and interlochen who was really into them.)

  5. oh, totally! i have that CD, too. they're great. i loved that every new track on the nuevo album elicited, "wait, is this STILL the kronos quartet??" from greg.


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