Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Naughty me

1. Gili is the best, nicest body police yet. I am trying hard to lay off the arm. This is me trying hard. [actually, she saved me from a whole day of using it: I read the entire book she sent me today in my studio/sauna: Ruth Ozeki's My Year of Meats. I liked the part about driving back to NYC from the midwest being like driving full speed into a brick wall. I think that's what she said. I'm delirious from heat - we have FIRE warnings throughout many of the counties here now.]
2. I like icing when it's hot out.
3. The spiders are spinning like crazy to catch lots of bugs before it gets too cold. I go upstairs to my bedroom and they've already spun new webs in half a day or less.
4. I'm still trying to figure out what's going on w/this accordion book and am knitting a new one w/built-in hinges; it'll be all one piece (the one in the picture is made of separate panels that I sewed together).
5. I really am doing less computer stuff. I think.


  1. ellie8:41 AM

    computer is like eating cookies with chocolate on top. what day is your birthday? you have to force yourself only to have ONE!!! cookie, i mean. :)

    how's your shoulder?

  2. i was so good! yesterday i went to burn my trash and was going to bring cookies w/chocolate on top to share w/shawn b/c i visited his studio. but i forgot the cookies. i drew a bunch w/my left hand on his drafting table and then we sat outside on the bus seat outside chela's studio and looked at the moon while the trash burned. i was thinking "COOKIECOOKIECOOKIECOOKIE" the whole time, but also thought, "wait, i'm not even hungry...i'll be okay w/o cookies tonight." and i come back home at 1am, and DIDN'T eat any cookies and went to bed.

    shoulder feels better, i think. i think the icing helped a lot, both physically and psychologically. today is cold so i might not ice today. i'm going to go for a walk now.


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