Friday, October 13, 2006

More gifts

I can't believe it. So much love, and through the mail!!!! I feel like all these years that I've wished and wished and wished for people to love me through the mail the way I've always wanted to be loved are all cashing in now. Today I got another birthday package! This time from Julie. It was so perfect. [I'm blown away by how thoughtful everyone has been, and how expertly themed everything is.] She was basically like, stay warm! And on top were two gorgeous skeins of llama yarn, hand-woven and dyed in Argentina, two bars of Dr. Bronner's soap, a colorful velvet scarf, and cozy blue knit booties. I. feel. warm.

I called Tam immediately tonight to figure out what to make w/the yarn; fingerless gloves is what I really wanted. I can't believe I'll actually be able to do it - I've wanted to have these since 2001. Seriously. I remember being at a conference for New York state arts organizations up in Binghamton, and meeting two hilarious women from upstate (we were at the "fun" table) and one sent me a pattern for fingerless gloves afterwards b/c I was talking about wanting them since they were knitting. I just did my swatch and knitting w/that yarn is total luxury. It makes me think about how I really do make my life harder for myself a lot. I also feel indebted to people all the time. ALL THE TIME.

There was so much else I was going to say, but I'm really tired and still need to go over to the farmhouse to do reiki on Shawn b/c he's having a hard time sleeping through the nights.


  1. will you pass on the fingerless glove pattern? i lost my pattern and i wasn't thrilled with it anyway. i'm not knitting now since everything is packed, but i'll start again when i live in ny.

  2. tam is having me do it w/o a pattern. but i'll let you know once i figure it out what i'm doing.

    yay, yay, gili is moving to ny!


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