Wednesday, October 25, 2006

More bleeding

I'm back on my throne: procrastination queen. I somehow decided last night, late, that I'd better start knitting w/the gorgeous llama hair that Julie sent me for my birthday, and that fingerless gloves would be part of my costume. Not much sleep later, I started up again. I messed up the pattern royally, even w/emergency emails to Tam for help. I made two very messy gloves, and now am trying to knit a cleaner, longer one now that I've screwed up a lot. We had to talk to the press today and pose for photos. I knit and ate alllllll day.

But I also finally got the bin in the mail that I'm burying. I was surprised; it wasn't very full once I put everything into it. Then, wrapping it in sheet metal from Ed, I TOTALLY sliced my finger open. I was dripping blood on the floor again. It's kind of hilarious; I'm not cleaning up any more blood off the floors. Then I went into the misty dusk to bury it, only to realize I didn't have a very good plan for getting it in there. I dropped it, and it fell on its side, and there was nothing I could do to right it. Oh well.

So I just buried it, cocked sideways and all. It'll probably open up from the pressure of the earth. I guess in a way it's all in keeping w/how things go for me. THEN, I decided it would be a good idea to climb the 16-foot ladder to the highest level of the barn that has very few floor beams left (most of them are just stacked messily, covered in huge owl turds) w/a ginormous length of heavy rope, so that I could rig rope from different beams (in hopes that I can travel on them like monkey bars). Good lord. I almost fell off at times just from the weight of the rope falling over the edge. It also kept getting caught on nails and crap, and I'd have to backtrack on very scary footing to get the rest of it. I got a few nasty splinters (one is still in my thumb) and am ready to contract some kind of owl disease. Then I went over to the house and tempted the others over w/my leftover beer. We had soy cheese, boca sausages, wasa, and beer while listening to the sound recording I made the other day. Good times.

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Anonymous said...

we bought some boca saussage in honor of you. i tired it yesterday before i got my two cavities filled... i think i didn't cook it long enough... it wasn't as good as this other fake sasuage that david sometimes gets that's in a tube like cookie dough.

that photo of your finger bleeding makes me cringe!