Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Late starts, piles and piles

I'm trying really hard not to get washed away in the raging waters right now. There is SO MUCH stuff pouring out of me right now, I can barely keep up. I got up really, really late today (b/c I really, really needed the sleep), but still insisted on yoga and had an incredible meditation. I've figured out some key parts of my performance: I'm going to bury a treasure chest/time capsule under the barn and hand out maps. At least, that's what I thought about in my headstand.

Chela came by right after I woke up, bearing gifts. She gave me this beautiful piece: rusty nails sewn onto cloth; a pop-up card, lovely note, two CDs, and a pomegranate. I've been working furiously on mail art (which I'm stopping - I mean, if I get more, of course I'll do it, but I'm not promoting it anymore. I have to focus on this performance) today, but took some time to walk and map, check out the progress of Shawn's banya (Chela and I are really excited for this to get done so we can take saunas), and collect walnuts (they've finally gone black!). I rinsed my milkweed, too, which I cooked yesterday.

I'm running out of toothpaste and keep forgetting to get more. Yeesh. What I love about being here:
1. Chela is outside working really hard on an installation in a new space.
2. Shawn already finished the plumbing so there's an outdoor shower and faucet on the banya.
3. I get to read things online that my friends put up that inspire me. Thanks to Clover & bell hooks.
4. No one looks at me funny if I walk outside in rubber boots, yoga pants, polyester dress, cut-up baseball shirt, velvet scarf (around neck), and hand-knitted scarf (around head), w/a pouch full of maps and sharpies. All completely mismatched and clashing in every way imaginable.


  1. aw, thanks, sweetheart!
    wish i could come to your treasure hunt- that sounds magnificent!

  2. i heart "some ships wreck easily." i'm totally one of those ships.
    p.s. as per your need to end the Great Mail Art Tour of 2006, please know this makes total sense. Boundaries are essential to getting stuff done. Don't feel any obligation to send me anything else. I completely understand and am SO happy that you're saying "no" when you need to.

  3. heehee. i'm glad you like that one. it came to me in a flash. i'm one of those ships, too.

    and please! i still have something i want to send to you. i've wanted to send it for a while. but you are SO good, how you help and encourage me to keep my boundaries and take care of myself. it's really amazing how consistently good you are at that.

  4. ellie4:45 PM

    fyi i'm showing all of my dance students the comic you made about being enough and binging on triscuts... they all say "oh, but i love triscuts"... every one of them that has read it has a big smile by the end of the comic. your comics brining joy to people you don't even know!

  5. i'd like to say that i haven't had any triscuits since i ate my last box sometime last month! i even forgot completely that i had had a triscuit-eating problem :)

    that's sweet. i'm glad you showed yr students. i still remember when i used to be able to do that stretch w/my stomach right on the floor, in breakdancing class, before everything went wrong. i like that comic.


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