Thursday, October 19, 2006

I lied

Can't help it; must blog to process my days, even though it's more imperative for me to sleep and burn trash. I came to the barn fully equipped today: computer (for tunes), camera, tripod, string, wire, violin strings, scissors, wire cutter, tape measure, shovel, etc. I cleared the space inside and walked around, and reikied inside and out. I got caught on barbed wire and totally fell flat on my face. Go figure. It was gorgeous today; a great day to dig. I got two feet done today and hope to get most of it done tomorrow (since it'll get cold again after that. It feels good, even though I feel bad about digging up all that earth. Poor worms.

It was a good outdoor work day for all of us: Chela is also digging, and Shawn is working on a huge rubber inflatable that will go around a trailer. I adore them. I feel really removed sometimes, like I'm far away, and that I'm missing out b/c their side of campus seems so much cooler (SO high school). I love to see all the new things going on there. But then I went back to the barn, and it just felt really good. I am thinking I will use my old violin strings and string them all over the barn or in a few places so I can play them instead of my violin if it gets really cold/rainy for the harvest. I know I'm in the right place; it's hard to stay there, though.

I was completely taken aback by the barn today, now that I'm really inspecting it, climbing around on it, and trying to figure out how it feels, how the energy flows, how I fit into it. I've been here for two months now and it's like a stranger. No, it's more like how you meet someone and feel instantly connected to them, and have a friendship for a while, but from a kind of distance. You see each other daily. And then you become physically intimate, and suddenly it's like you never knew that person: this hair, this nose, these hands, the color of their eyes, their smell - things you never noticed until now, when you're confronted with this immediacy. I swung from a rope hanging from the roof, did handstands against the metal supports, and moved the sliding door in the back. I was awed by all the different angles that I could use to view it, all the random pieces of wood everywhere, all the little ladders, all the doors and entrances and windows, a brick hiding here, and a piece of glass hiding there. Being intimate w/a barn makes me tired; time to sign off.

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  1. ellie7:16 PM

    thank god you post photos so i know what you are talking about! :)


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