Thursday, October 19, 2006

Hot and frozen

I feel like time is getting faster and faster and faster and my head is spinning more and more every day. Time to hightail it w/this performance. I just ordered the bin that will be my treasure chest and have to figure out how much beeswax to get to wax up some treasure maps. I'm worried about the ground freezing before I can dig and that I'll hurt myself, inevitably, digging. I have major concerns about making the space any kind of interesting, but I suppose that is NOTHING new. Good news: I am much less obsessed/pre-occupied w/food now that I'm ramping up into high art gear. Also, Shawn's banya is coming along. It's amazing to see that little shed be transformed slowly. All related to the igloo, too. Oh, and this is a little gift from Anni from this year's Art Walks Chicago. Aight, enough computer fiddling. Time to get out and work.


Gili Warsett said...

it's ridiculous how emotionally aligned i have felt with you lately. totally feeling busy and scrambled and like there isn't enough time.
p.s. i love that tattoo. and i usually am not a fan of writing on tattoos.

aimee said...

i am WAY too tired to post again, but it was a big day after this. it turned out that the weather was BEAUTIFUL today and i worked hard in the barn. the hole is about 2 feet deep now.

i love the tattoo, too. i love fun gifts. like yours!!!

polarchip said...

Hot! That picture is really beautiful and I love the contradiction.