Thursday, October 05, 2006

Foiled again.

Well. So much for the dream of making paper today. I cleaned my ashy stalks, trimmed them, and put them in the bucket w/the industrial blender thing, and it didn't work. I need a baffle, but am not smart enough in that way to make one (right now, the mixer just makes all the fiber spin in a circle. I need to tighten the space so the fiber is forced closer to the blade and actually gets cut). Oh, and it's b/c I just can't hand beat. My arm, you know. In case that wasn't enough, I switched up my morning routine today and made my muesli (nonfat yogurt, cinnamon, parilla seeds, pecans, dried cranberries, apples) before I did yoga, hoping it would make me happy once I was done w/yoga. Well, I sliced deep into my left index finger while cutting the apples. It was bound to happen; I have a huge cleaver knife thing and I'm used to tiny knives (even though I cut myself w/those, too). I was slicing while the fruit was on its back, round. I know I'm supposed to cut it the other way, to prevent this kind of bloodiness. I do a lot of things I know I shouldn't do and suffer the very obvious consequences.

So all I could do today was work more on drawings (but I feel better about the ones I finished up), make a grass skirt (from abaca shifu), knit, and do office work for the farm (snore). I went over to the house in the a.m. and ended up playing violin, which made my finger bleed some more, but was okay on the right (bow) arm. It might be good therapy for me (if I hadn't cut open my other finger). Hey, it might balance things out, b/c my left arm tends to hurt like hell when I fiddle. I also got a great package from my sister and a lovely letter from Elizabeth; they both sent such great cards that I had to document them. My sister said that the girl in the card is like me: doing farm stuff & communing w/bugs. I like to think that I am the woman who has fallen onto her back, too. Once in college, I went ice skating w/a friend who grew up in Hawaii, and she insisted that we fall together, so whenever she fell, she'd grab me and pull me down onto the ice w/her. Then we'd have an awful time getting up and slip all over the place while small children asked if we needed help.

We were going to go bowling tonight, but I realized today that bowling is maybe at the top of the list of things that I should NOT do w/a busted arm. OOH! They're waiting downstairs: off to the steakhouse!!

p.s. - this didn't post forever so now I'm back from a FUN dinner and detours and Clue at the mosquito-infested house. I won the 2nd time! I've never won Clue.


  1. aimee, aimee, aimee. your arm, your hand, oy vey. what are you trying to do to yourself?
    i never got on the Clue wagon. boggle, scrabble, taboo, cranium sure. but i was too old by the time i saw Clue and so mrs. plum or whatever her name is never had any meaning for me. it's one of those pop culture references i'm completely unaware of. others include indiana jones (never saw em), star wars (fell asleep), and jaws (not interested).
    steakhouse! what kind of a farm is this?

  2. Anonymous12:25 PM

    What the hell's Clue? Haha.

    So I'm totally annoyed because I want some of the cool farmy art you've made but I totally don't trust India's postal system.

    Just keep posting pics though so I can admire yr talent and the fact that yr roughing it (steak?) in Nebraska.

  3. maybe it's self-sabotage. hm.

    oh, i HATED clue as a child. i didn't try many times b/c i just didn't GET it. i didn't really get it last night at first but then figured it out. it's kind of scattered and confusing. but it was a fun time. after they killed about 70 mosquitoes (NO JOKE).

    i'm w/you w/the other cultural references. i'm pretty culturally illiterate.

    steakhouse in central city: SO NOT what you'd assume. small and homey, small portions, lots of seniors. apple pie w/cinnamon ice cream (MMM. I ADORE CINNAMON ICE CREAM). i had fish, actually (i know, fish in landlocked places?? i just couldn't handle a steak).


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