Saturday, October 14, 2006

Farm igloos

The background paper is one of Shawn's first sheets (I taught him how to pull today) w/a typewritten sestina (my 2nd of the day). He made the igloo and then little stand. I wrapped the stand w/paper to show him another option for covering beyond sewing fabric, and he asked me to draw an igloo on it. I finished one of my knit books! I mean, the whole thing. I realized that it's okay for small things to take a long time, and that it's okay to put a lot of time and effort into every single step of a piece, even if you think it will fail. It's a book of the sestina I just posted (which, btw, is NOT about Githa at all. It's about a friend I recently lost - not to death, but to misunderstanding). I'm delighted that in the end, everything came together.

Now there's another knit book. But at least I have one that I'll shoot and send for a show deadline tomorrow. I woke up ridiculously late today, but still did my yoga and meditation, which was really good, b/c at the end of my meditation was when sestina popped into my head. I love that poetic form; I love how rigid it is and therefore how much you get out of it, how unexpected and delightful the results are after lots of hard work. Chela and Anne (her gf who's visiting for the weekend from Cali) are having a dinner tomorrow, and I'm going to write ones for them, too. I did one on Shawn tonight while I was baking paper and he was doing wire stuff. It feels good to be able to compose poems, and then type them onto handmade paper. Luxury doesn't get much better than that.


  1. 1. The igloo is soooo cool! When I was a depressed child at Interlochen, I built an igloo with friends and hid in it every day for weeks. But his igloo (in your picture) looks like such a happy igloo. So, is it wrapped in paper now?

    2. I never thought your sestina was about Githa. It's just that my thoughts of you have been intertwined with my thoughts of your grieving her and thinking of her. My comment wasn't related to your sestina and yet it was because it has to do with loss and also has to do with who you are, which is always connected to Githa.

    3. Congratulations on your book! That's amazing.

    4. Does baking paper smell good? I have this idea that it's a really warm, comforting smell.

    5. I wrote another comment on your previous post.

    6. I hope the sun is shining and it's a beautiful clear day there.

  2. i love the igloo story. did you actually make it out of ICE???

    no, it's not wrapped in paper. the paper i make here is not good enough for wrapping, really.

    baking paper is very dangerous and often smells like smoke and fire b/c i set things on fire (like the dishcloth. whooops!).

    the sun came out a little yesterday but mostly it was cloudy. but still good!


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