Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A day of doing nothing

1. Wake up at 8 something. Too cold.
2. Wake up at 9 something. Too cold for yoga.
3. Breakfast. Tons of mint tea in the fancy silk satchel from Ellie-Jo.
4. Pleasure email.
5. Business email/mail.
6. Pull 10 more sheets of paper. Try to dry on dirty rusty metal table parts and kitchen equipment. Give up and bake instead, scorching a few sheets.
7. Suspect a propane leak; there isn't one.

8. Locate and pull out typewriter; change ribbon.
9. Make final pickup/dropoff plans w/Julie.
10. Make book for Julie & Greg.
11. Meditation transcription.
12. Minor family crisis update thru chat w/sister.
13. Bake rice & beans & kelp.
14. Sew & undo test binding.
15. Knit on the way to Lincoln (found the missing needle!)
16. Lasagna, chocolate cake, beer, tea, chips & guacamole, books, Glenn Gould, Poe & Dirty (two cats), a really warm & cozy apt w/Julie & Greg.


  1. Anonymous2:26 PM

    That day sounds amaaazing. Is it really that cold there?
    And I can't believe yr still doing yoga all regularly...am proud of you. There's an 'artistic yoga' class here at 7am but pshaaa, I can't deal. And it feels wrong doing yoga at home jamming to my teenybop music. I can't do the whole meditation thing at home.
    Anyway, eat some guacamole for me.

  2. ya, cold. i'm living under the propane heater now and finding every excuse i can to turn on the oven. i wish i could stop showering entirely until i leave b/c the thought of getting my whole body wet in this weather makes me want to scream (washing my hands is bad enough, esp in the a.m. when it takes a while for the hot water to kick in).

    artistic yoga??? what the hey is that??? you can yoga to music if you want. i say, whatever keeps you at it. meditation is HARD, though.

    i just ate honey cookies for you.

  3. Anonymous5:02 AM

    artistic yoga is some version of 'cardiovascular yoga' apparently...i dunno. i guess it's for people who want to feel like they did something after showing up to yoga instead of just chanting and breathing and doing some stretching...there are a lot of bogus classes like that around so they stick new words next to yoga to make diff types sound cooool. whatevers.

    it's not hot or cold here...just kind of in between. it's all cloudy all the time b/c it's bangalore and that's what this place is known for. plus it's still monsoon season, technically.

    ok, back to work. i gotta bust outta da village before the monsoon hits.

    i don't want cookies...only guacomole!


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