Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Crawling climbing fever

I keep thinking, "okay, NOW I'm going to work on this performance." And then I start doing things like making tiny cutouts w/birthday packaging. Thanks, Hallmark. And Terttu. It happened last night b/c Elise had randomly emailed me images of popups, which I don't really do at all (I leave that to experts like Shawn Sheehy). But I suddenly wanted to make some. So I did, and a few mail art stragglers will get them. Mine are mounted onto something and there's always something written on the bottom.

I also have started to draw on the walls here. I've already painted blue circles around all the holes that I've made w/thumbtacks (that's a lot), and now am doing tiny paintings in the places where I had cut things out of paper, so it's like an instant frame carved into the wall for me. I figure this way I can make work that I canNOT mail to people, even if I wanted to. I forgot that when we have the Harvest in two weekends, people will want to see what I've done here, and I won't have anything to show. HAHA. I should ask all of my mail art buddies to take pictures of themselves w/the art I've sent to them to prove that I really have been working.

I also got antsy about scraps of bookbinding materials I had left, so I made two wood and leather books w/a board book binding. It works REALLY nicely, b/c you can't slice through wood w/an exacto, so the binding ends up clean. So that was fun. Plus, I like to use the only machine in the wood shop that I'm not completely scared of. I've been doing research for my performance, and unearthed tons of great material on owls. I also made nice walnut dye (simmered 8 hours, just like Ami told me!) and tried to beat my milkweed by hand again. Chugging along.

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  1. you certainly have the documentation that this blog provides and i can't imagine that you don't have anything to show. sounds like the performance IS coming along, too. give yrself some credit, lady! you been workin HARD and making bee-yoo-tee-full stuff! i will send a pic your way of my piece o' mail art. xoxoxox


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