Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Cranky confirmed bachelor

The cold is putting a big STOP to a lot of my well-hatched schemes. Makes me not want to perform at all outside. Makes me not want to make paper b/c the water is super cold and who cares, since the paper I get from it sucks ass anyhow and is an affront to papermakers everywhere. Today was truly a do-nothing day: make a thank you card for Julie & Greg, walk to the mailbox, pull more sheets and bake them, move the computer/typewriter table b/c rain was leaking in again, read Al Franken's Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right, which Greg lent to me last night (two hours in bed until my arms froze and went numb, then yoga in hat and gloves, then the rest of the book under the propane heater).

Turns out I totally DO have a leak. I back down too easily, esp in the face of men who "know better" (telling me that propane is heavy and would sink to the first floor so that people below would smell it before me; or saying that it takes a while for the heater to get going). Maybe that would account for my general lethargy today. I wonder if I should shower today...nah. It's just too cold. Seeing Julie & Greg last night, I started to see more things that couples have to compromise on (like huge half bear/half human paintings: will it go up or stay in the box?), which makes me wonder if I'll ever be able to do the same. Shawn the other day said that it's really hard to cook for one. I was like, uhoh. I now think it's harder to cook for any more than one. I'm really GOOD at cooking for one (myself). Share a fridge w/someone?? What?? hahaa. There are so many other things in my lifestyle that are so not conducive to anyone else being part of it.

Dad sent me a scan of the postcard for the card show I'm in this month at the Pendleton Center for the Arts in Oregon. Mine is the one in the very top right-hand corner. Come to think of it, I've totally forgotten to plug the shows I'm in now (I think there are like four of them; I've lost track). I should do that but I think I need to bundle up and run over to the house before the propane gets to my brain (carbon monoxide, I mean).

POST-POST: WHEW!!! Immediately after that incredibly whiny post, I went to the house and was confronted w/a cheery sight in the mud room: birthday mail!!! Ellen sent exactly the tea I wanted (I had just had my last bit of mint yesterday). Gili sent a meticulously-wrapped book and card, with a bookmark (huge props for that detail!), and the card made me so happy b/c she gave me permission to stop hurting myself and to just read. Ellie sent the MOST AMAZING PACKAGE ever. There were so many goodies I can't even get into it all. Suffice it to say, there were things to delight all five senses, and more. Tired, aching piriformis, sunning under the propane, and up late again, but feeling very, very loved. Thank you, ladies.


  1. they wrapped the book for me. i didn't like the paper choices, but i figured, free wrapping paper is a good thing. happy birthday!

  2. yay. i loved it, so that's that. thank you thank you.


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