Monday, October 09, 2006

Chela's a documenting queen

Thank god for that. Look at her blog over there on the right, or at these:

It seemed fun at the beginning. [yeah, yeah, it was fun almost the whole time.]

See? The spikes DO make pretty sounds.

We are still walking.

I told you getting home was no cakewalk.

I woke up today to see my breath, pitter-patter rain, and waking/going to sleep again/waking. I skipped yoga and fear I may have to do this a lot now b/c it's just too cold w/o heat upstairs. Then my worst fears were realized: I have a propane leak in my studio. So I had to turn off the heater. I'm on perma-tea and am cold. Have not done any artwork b/c I'm huddled over the laptop, which lets out a little heat under my left hand. Two nights ago, I dreamed that Rachel sent me a gourd to drink mate to replace the one that Pete kept. I've been thinking of the things that he still has of mine, that I will never get back. I've been thinking about how naming people gives and takes away their power.

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