Friday, October 13, 2006

Broken open

Right in this moment I am brightly happy. Sunshine, not overly cold, sheets of paper baking, and the news that we CAN go to our old friend's wedding in Guam in mid-February. My sister and I will really go to Japan (and Guam) next year!!

Things that have been stuck have been unstuck. The Animal Years has been the soundtrack. Maybe it was the reiki: it helps the practitioner as much as the client. I am having yogurt with assorted things, including mint from the garden. Today is Friday. Yesterday, I thought it was Wednesday. Now things are rushing into place.


  1. did you know callan at oberlin?

  2. no, why? who is callan?

  3. she's an obie. i just wanted to know because she was a reiki practitioner. she was the first person i knew who was into reiki. she even did it on her car in order to fix it when it broke down. it worked.

  4. niiice. i love reiki. the first reiki i heard about was at oberlin, too! and my friend was doing some. and ellie, too, way before me. it's good stuff. i just too a nice long walk and i feel like lots of things that were blocked are all opened up.


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