Monday, October 23, 2006

Banya love

Well. About 1:30am and wide awake again. I swear, it's the tea. Caffeine is an incredibly powerful stimulant, and I suppose for me, like alcohol: I'll never have any tolerance. I was soooo ready to go to bed around 8pm but wanted to bring the star-shaped carrot cake over to the farmhouse since I had already eaten a leg and had to take it away before I made myself really sick.

I delivered little walnut-dyed paper pieces to Chela and Shawn also, and Shawn was doing a sweat, so I joined him since I'm feeling on the verge of something (I should take some more vitamin C right now...). SO RIDICULOUSLY FANTASTIC. These are all older images: the chicken shed that he cleaned out and put stovepiping into, the wood-burning stove that he built from parts he found 'round the farm, and the bench he built. The showerhead and faucet are on the outside, where he's also put down brick. The rocks are working nicely and it's only a little smoky. He's going to build another bench on the opposite side and then block off the windows b/c it's really drafty; the cold is all below (doesn't help that the floor is missing in places). But if you stand on the bench and lean over the stove w/o falling onto it, it works really well.

I think I would have been ready for bed then if I hadn't taken Shawn up on his offer of tea. B/c it was green, AND I ate another leg+ of the cake. Good grief. I've taken two of Ellie's moon drops, am listening to Citizen Cope under the propane heater, and wondering how the hell I'm going to get this show together if I keep not working on it.


  1. I hope its not the tea that I sent you that's making you sick!!??

  2. oh, sweetie. not at ALL. i had your tea one day in the a.m. all a.m. when i really needed to be up. the tea that kept me up the other night was something someone else sent, and last night's was shawn's.


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